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Dolby Cinema: what is it and where can you see it?

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Dolby Cinema

We all know the IMAX films in the cinema by now, but a new type of theater (or film) is coming to the Netherlands soon. In Eindhoven, JT Cinemas opens the first Dolby Cinema room, a room that should show films even more impressively. But, what exactly is Dolby Cinema?

Dolby Cinema hall in Eindhoven

On December 15, 2014 is the day; then JT Bioscopen will open a new location in Eindhoven and at the same time the first Dolby Cinema room in the world. That is good news for real cinema enthusiasts, because it can be seen as an alternative to the already impressive IMAX. It is stands, according to Dolby, for impressive image quality, breathtaking audio quality and a complete cinema experience. Even the lighting has been thought of to give you the ultimate movie experience.

What is it?

Dolby Cinema is a total concept for the most optimal movie experience in the cinema. All parts of watching a movie have been thought of; the sound, the image, the sight, the lighting and even the entrance. The entire room is a Dolby Cinema room, so from the moment the doors open you have to imagine yourself in a film world. According to Dolby, each part mentioned above is of great importance to make you go home with a perfect feeling at the end of a movie.

The height of the hall and the way in which the image can be optimally seen from every chair has been thought of, but there is also thought of mood lighting when you enter the hall. In terms of audio and image, the Dolby halls meet the strict requirements of Dolby and this is where the big gains must be made. For example, a new laser technology (Dolby Vision) is used for the projection of the film, so that the contrast, the brightness and the color spectrum are at a higher level than we are used to. This is combined with the 4K resolution and HFR (high frame rates). The cinema version of Dolby Atmos is used for the audio reproduction, which provides a 3D audio experience through speakers above the listening position. As a result, objects (audio objects) float in space.

But, with all this it must be said that it is up to film studios to actually meet the requirements for Dolby Cinema. A film that is recorded with the Dolby Cinema concept in mind makes optimal use of all possibilities. Dolby indicates that discussions are already being held with various studios and  Star Wars: The Force Awakens may be  the first film to be released in this format.

What does it cost and where can you see it?

Currently, the Dolby room of JT Cinemas in Eindhoven is the only room in the world, but it is expected that Dolby will rapidly expand the number of screens. But, of course, you have to pay for that extra experience. A ticket for the Dolby Cinema hall will cost 15 euros in Eindhoven, 4 euros more than a normal ticket. Please note; the latest laser projectors required for it will only be installed in Eindhoven at the beginning of 2015, so the experience is not exactly as intended. We are also still waiting for the first Dolby Cinema films.

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