Disney is working on fifty new movies and series for Disney +

Disney is working on fifty new movies and series for Disney +, the company announced via its official Twitter account today.
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Movies and series for Disney +

During the Disney Investor Day, the company has announced that Disney is working on fifty new movies and series for Disney + which include work on “about” ten new Marvel series, ten new Star Wars series, fifteen live-action, animated and Pixar series and fifteen new films from Disney, the animation department and Pixar. All this content is intended for its own video streaming service and will be released in a few years now. In addition, it has been announced that Raya and the Last Dragon will be released on service the same day as in theaters, as a Premier Access title. The first film to do that was the live-action version of Mulan.

The House of Mouse has announced much more. For example, we know that the video streaming service now has 86 million subscribers (it was previously thought that it would take at least another two or three years before this number was reached). The content creator also announces Star. That is a new service that can be used within Disney Plus. Here you will find content from FX and 20th Century Fox, or content that is intended for young viewers. This service will be available in some European countries from 23 February 2021; It is still unclear whether the Netherlands is also part of this.

New movies and series for Disney + include New Star Wars series

Although it remains to be seen what exactly we can expect from the new content, two Star Wars series have already been announced. These are Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic and Star Wars: Ahsoka. These are both spin-offs from The Mandalorian, both produced by Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau (who have done a very good job with Mandalorian so far). Both series will also have crossovers with the aforementioned show on Disney +, but nothing has been announced at the time of writing.

The company is also working on the following Star Wars series: Star Wars: Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Lando, The Acolyte, the animated Clone Wars spin-off The Bad Batch and the anime Star Wars: Visions. Star Wars: Andor is due to appear on the video streaming service in 2022 and Diego Luna will take on the role of Cassian Andor. That’s the same character that appeared in Star Wars: Rogue One, one of the better films in the franchise in recent years. Filming started roughly two weeks ago in London.

Marvel series trailers

Disney has also released some trailers for upcoming Marvel series. The first trailer is from WandaVision, the first Marvel series to release in January starts. In addition, a trailer for Loki has been released and we now know that the series will debut in May of 2021. It has also been announced that the upcoming series about the character Hawkeye, and his daughter, should be released in the fall of 2021.

Other news

Then there is also film news. Disney has announced that the live-action version of Pinocchio and Peter Pan & Wendy are coming exclusively to Disney +. The films are therefore not shown in the cinema first. In addition, Disenchanted and Sister Act 3 are also coming to the service exclusively. There is also slightly less good news. The company intends to make subscriptions more expensive. From 23 February, a monthly subscription costs 8.99 euros per month and an annual subscription 89.99 euros per month. This is due to the addition of the Star service.