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devolo Multiroom WiFi Kit 550+: fast internet from basement to attic

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A separate router for each room? That is no longer necessary. The Multiroom WiFi Kit 550+ from devolo provides a fast WiFi connection with all electronics in the house. From basement to attic. The kit works with the award-winning and easily installable devolo Powerline adapters.

Internet via the electricity network

A known problem: the WiFi signal lingers a few meters from the router. If you walk a little further, there are videos full of charge breaks and you are always thrown out of the servers of online games. To prevent this, the Multiroom WiFi Kit 550+ uses the electricity network for internet connection. This makes walls and ceilings no longer an obstacle. The result? A stable hotspot!

That’s how it works

The new Multiroom WiFi Kit 550+ consists of three adapters. The first adapter is plugged into an outlet and is connected to the router. The other two adapters are plugged into other outlets in rooms where fast WiFi is needed. Thanks to the two integrated Ethernet connections on the adapters, fixed devices also have internet access.

Unique technology for maximum reliability

devolo has been developing Powerline products since 2002 and has internationally the largest R & D department for Powerline technology. As a result, the devolo products are equipped with unique technology. For example, the WiFi Clone option ensures that the adapters receive the WiFi settings from the router. So you do not always have to adjust your settings. Moreover, the so-called WiFi Move technology guarantees that the quality of the Internet always remains high. Even if you walk from room to room while browsing the internet, playing a game or streaming a movie.

Need more Wi-Fi? Extend the kit!

The Multiroom WiFi Kit 550+ can be expanded to eight adapters. So you can easily turn more power outlets into Wi-Fi hotspots. The kit is compatible with all devolo Powerline generations of the 200-class and higher. The Multiroom WiFi Kit 550+ uses a dLAN® 550 + adapter and two dLAN® 550 + Wi-Fi adapters.

The Multiroom WiFi Kit 550+ is available in the shop and online for 199.90 euros with a factory warranty of three years. More information about this new product is available at