devolo Home Control now also suitable for Google Home: voice control for the smart home

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“Ok Google: turn off the light!” This type of command is now also suitable for devolo Home Control. After a simple installation, users of Google Home devices now have access to a wide range of smart home commands for lighting operation, the alarm system and even radiator thermostats.

The future is now : easy setting of voice control
How the voice control works? The only thing devolo Home Control users need is a Google Home or Google Home Mini smart speaker. In the corresponding Google Home app, go to ‘Smart Home Control’ and click on the + icon to add your devolo Home Control system. Done! From that moment on you use voice control for Intelligent Power Sockets, Radiator Thermostats, Room Thermostats, Intelligent Switches and all scenarios, rules and time controls
Control everything with your voice
“Ok Google: set the bathroom temperature to 20 degrees ! “This command tracks devolo Home Control as soon as you say it. Whether it is the radiator thermostat in the bathroom or in the living room, or a whole group of devices: you no longer have to search for the light switch or your smartphone. Handy if you are on the way to the living room and you have your hands full of drinks and snacks, because from now on, you simply use Google to turn on the television for you. And if you have saved a scenario under this command, the lights will also turn on automatically.
Extensive possibilities thanks to the open system
Users have access to both native Home Control components and a large number of devices from external parties. The intelligent devolo Home Control Central Unit makes it possible to combine smart home devices from different manufacturers. And from now on they all listen to the words “Ok Google”.
Excellent maintenance: regular free updates
devolo Home Control offers more for less. Unlike other solutions that only serve individual devices through Google Home (such as Wifi plug contacts), Home Control offers comprehensive smart home control for better security, greater convenience and more efficient power consumption. devolo Home Control Starter Kits are available from 219.90 euros each. There are no extra monthly costs here. In addition, the latest Home Control updates are always free.
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