Devialet Phanthom I 103 dB & 108 dB Wireless Speaker launched

Recently, Devialet Phanthom I has been launched. Available in two versions that respond to the denominations 103 dB and 108 dB offered a unique experience.

Stereophonic audio system with connectivity to Devialet Phanthom I networks

Considered from the moment he saw the light as a absolutely revolutionary product, the Devialet Phantom all-in-one audio system with network connectivity has just been revamped in the form of the Phantom I. A renovation that aims to redefine the place of sound in people’s lives through significant innovations, while pushing the limits of audio technology.

Available in two versions that respond to the denominations 103 dB and 108 dB to indicate the maximum they are capable of, the new Phantom provides very notable innovations in aspects as relevant as aesthetic design, signal processing, user interaction and efficiency, as well as a new identity. With a corporate image (the unmistakable Devialet tear) redesigned and modernized, new finishes matte black and white with light chrome, dark chrome and matte black side panels, el Phantom I stands out in the first place for incorporating a new generation of emblematic “brain” of Devialet, the “Devialet Intelligence Processor”, ultimately responsible for executing (and also from a single “chip”, specifically an ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore with an operating frequency of 800 MHz) the sophisticated technological developments that place the Parisian firm in a higher dimension.

We talk about innovative amplification scheme Hybrid ADH (“Analog Digital Hybrid”), the imaginative optimization algorithm of the sound quality SAM (“Speaker Active Matching”) and the very unique (because it was developed exclusively for the Phantom) bass reproduction system HBI (“Heart Bass Implosion”). But the power of the new Devialet “chip” gives even more, since it is also responsible for materializing the D / A conversion scheme with Magic Wire technology from the French firm, which allows minimizing the signal path between the D / A converter itself and the system’s speakers. At a more practical level, the Phantom I allows (via Devialet App) sound the entire house through the powerful multi-room functionality that it incorporates, as well as providing a wider stereo scene than ever thanks to the perfect synchronization of its internal speakers. The new Phantom is compatible AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and UPnP Renderer, to which is added the innovative approval for music library management Roon ready.


Specifying in the two Phantom I models available, let us point out that the main differences are concentrated in the internal amplifier (500 W RMS for the Phantom I 103 dB and 1,100 W RMS for the Phantom I 108 dB), the superior handling capacity of the Phantom I tweeter power 108 dB and the -6 dB cut-off points of the frequency response curve (16 Hz and 25 kHz on the Phantom I 103 dB and 14 Hz and 27 kHz on the Phantom I 108 dB). As is standard in Devialet, the new Phantom I are part of the evolutionary platform EVO exclusive to the French brand, which allows its management software to be constantly updated in order to keep its spectacular technical features and functionalities up to date.


Technical characteristics

  • Ultra-compact reference audio system with Internet connection.
  • Based on exclusive Devialet technology.
  • Management via “Devialet Intelligence Processor” integrated in a single “chip”.
  • ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor running at 800 MHz
  • Devialet exclusive SAM, ADH and HBI technologies.
  • 500 W RMS power output.
  • 16-25,000 Hz passband (-6 dB cut-off points).
  • 20-20,000 Hz frequency response, +/- 2 dB.
  • Maximum sound pressure level of 103 dB.
  • 3-way speaker system with 2 woofers in symmetrical configuration.
  • Upgradeable via Devialet’s EVO platform.
  • Enclosure built in synthetic materials and aluminum.
  • Devialet Operating System 2 (DOS 2) operating system.
  • AirPlay 2, UPnP Renderer and Bluetooth compatible; Roob Ready approved.
  • Available in various finishes.
  • Dimensions: 253x255x343 mm (W x H x D).
  • Weight: 11’4 kg.