Denon PMA-A110 integrated amplifier

Denon is pleased to launch the Anniversary Series Denon PMA-A110 Integrated Amplifier, arriving in a limited edition.
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To celebrate 110 years of audio excellence, Denon is pleased to launch the Anniversary Series Denon PMA-A110 Integrated Amplifier, arriving in a limited edition and marking the pinnacle of Denon hi-fi technology.


Built on 110 years of audio experience and designed to satisfy the most demanding audiophile, the Denon PMA-A110 is the ideal choice for anyone looking to create the 2-channel hi-fi system of their dreams. Equipped with Denon’s patented ultra-high current Advanced UHC single push-pull circuit power amplifier, the PMA-A110 Integrated Amplifier delivers 160 watts of power per channel. Easily connect both analog and digital sources or your turntable to the built-in phono preamp. Hear your favorite Hi-Res Audio content via the Quad 384kHz/32-bit D/A converter in full resolution sound. The PMA-110 Integrated Amplifier is a perfect match for the DCD-A110 and has been designed with your music in mind to enhance your expectations.

Designed with your expectations in mind

Denon’s new PMA-A110 has been designed to exceed your expectations. Coming in a limited edition graphite silver color, with aluminum feet, a double-layer steel transformer plate and new premium speaker and back panels, the PMA-A110 has been specifically crafted for its Anniversary series. the most demanding audiophiles. Conceived with a high level of precision and perfection, the PMA-A110 offers an exceptional audio experience.

Main features

  • Marking audio excellence since 1910: Denon is pleased to launch the PMA-A110 integrated amplifier, the flagship model of our Anniversary series, which comes in a limited edition graphite silver color.
  • Specific Tuning for the Anniversary Edition – All Denon amps feature exceptional sound characteristics and this model has been specifically tuned by Denon’s top sound expert to celebrate our anniversary.
  • 160 watts per channel power – the best performance to power your favorite speakers.
  • Trusted Guarantee: Includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Denon’s Chief Engineer and a 5-year warranty.
  • Advanced UHC-MOS ultra-high current 7th generation simple push-pull circuit power amplifier with Schottky barrier diodes: enjoy wideband sound from the deepest bass to the most detailed treble and hear every detail of your songs favourites.
  • Rear USB-B input for playback of a larger number of audio formats: Hi-Res Audio playback up to 384kHz/32bit and DSD 11.2MHz.
  • Built-in Quad D/A Converter Configuration for Higher Loudness: Enjoy better signal-to-noise ratio and louder loudness thanks to quadruple output current delivered by parallel configuration of four D/A converters per channel. Play Hi-Res Audio and enjoy your favorite songs in the highest quality.

  • Ultra AL32 processing for an even more perfect listening experience: Ultra AL32 processing is a unique feature with a data interpolation algorithm that enables high sampling and bit rate output performance. It is also applicable to audio data up to 1,536 MHZ.
  • Audio playback in pure analog mode: Select Analog mode on the PMA-A110 to enjoy your music without any digital interference.
  • Top performance MM and MC phono equalizer: connect your turntable and enjoy your vinyl to the fullest.
  • Vibration-resistant design with direct mechanical anchor construction: Listen to music with crystal-clear, detailed sound and quality that is unaffected by the environment.
  • Well-designed amplifier with short signal paths: Enjoy pure, superior sound thanks to the use of a condensed transmission for the direct source function in the shortest signal path.
  • Dual transformer with separate coiled leads for audio and control circuitry: eliminates interference and optimizes sound quality with higher power.
  • Automatic TV Standby Mode: Simply connect your TV to the PMA-A110 via its optical or coaxial inputs and select “TV-Auto-Play” to have the amplifier automatically switch between music and movies.

RRP: €3,999