Denon launches new AV receivers for 2018

Denon launches new AV receivers: Sound United announced the new Denon av-receivers for 2018 during the dealer event in Alicante. The manufacturer comes with five new middle class models and two budget models.

Denon launches new AV receivers

We have already seen the two entry models for 2018, and we have already tested one of them. These are the AVR-X250BT and AVR-X550BT. Both receivers are very favorably priced, and come with bluetooth. An overview of all the specs can be found in the introductory article or view our review of the AVR-X250BT.

A step above that we see the AVR-X1500H back, with a price of 549 euros. This 7-channel receiver offers 80 watts per channel and comes with six HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. Furthermore, the receiver has bluetooth, Heos integration, AirPlay (2 via update), Amazon Alexa integration, a web interface for the setup, the AVR Remote app, bi-amping, DTS: X, Dolby Atmos, HDR support (HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision), 4K transmission and automatic calibration via Audyssey MultEQ XT.

The 699 euro cost AVR-X2500H with seven times 95 watts of power adds an extra HDMI input and output, Zone 2 pre-out, 4K / 30fps upscaling, isf calibration and component video. The 999 euro AVR-X3500H offers seven times 105 watts of power and has a third HDMI output, HDMI eARC IR in / out, RS-232C, a 12 volt trigger and 4k / 60fps upscaling.

The AVR-X4500H costs 1,599 euros and offers nine times 125 watts of power. The extras of this receiver are a Double Layer chassis, AL32, Auro 3D, Bass Sync, Trap Door, Zone 3 and dual 12 volt triggers. The AVR-X6500H is an 11-channel receiver with 140 watts of power. In addition, this model comes with Denon HCT and 5-channel bi-amping. The receiver has a price of 2.699 euros. The absolute top model is the AVC-X8500H, a 13-channel AV receiver.