Denon and Marantz find solution for Xbox Series X HDMI problem

Xbox Series X HDMI problem resolved as Denon and Marantz find solution with the introduction of with an SPK618 adapter which is coming soon

Xbox Series X HDMI problem resolved: Audio brands Denon and Marantz are coming soon with an SPK618 adapter. This is intended to solve the compatibility problem that now exists between the receivers of those brands and the game console Xbox Series X. The adapter is free, provided you have a specific A / V receiver of these brands.

Xbox Series X HDMI problem resolved

8K video resolutions

The problem existed between Marantz and Denon that support 4K / 120 and 8K video resolutions and game consoles that support 4K / 120Hz and 8K video resolutions. Video from the game console could not be sent through the AV receiver’s HDMI 2.1 port, even if the device’s 8K Enhanced option was enabled.

Initially, Denon and Marantz recommended connecting Xbox Series X directly to the display, but allowing the audio to travel back to the AV receiver via ARC or eARC. Another option was not to watch 8K, but 5K, because the AV receiver could handle that. However, that is of course a shame if you have a console that can display a much better image.

SPK618 HDMI adapter

Those two alternatives are no longer necessary with the SPK618 HDMI adapter. It can correct the HDMI input signal coming out of the console. That HDMI data with correction is then passed on to the AV receiver, so that the two devices work together again and give an experience as you would expect it to be.

As long as the warranty period applies, you can get the adapter for free if you have one of these receivers at home:


  • AVC-A110
  • AVC-X6700H
  • AVC-X4700H
  • AVC-X3700H
  • AVR-X2700H
  • AVR-X2700HDAB
  • AVR-S960H


  • AV7706
  • SR8015
  • SR7015
  • SR6015
  • SR5015
  • SR5015DAB
  • NR1711

Denon and Marantz receivers

It is advisable to update the firmware of your receiver. The adapter is expected at the end of May 2021. If you want to request this, go to or Fill in the forms completely and you will receive the adapter after it has appeared at home. Unfortunately, this problem cannot be solved by software, so you really need this adapter to get the most out of your Xbox Series X to enjoy.