Definitive Technology BP9000 series and Demand series is coming to Europe

Sound United, the company that owns the brand, now brings Definitive Technology B9000 series to Europe, and thus the Netherlands and Belgium.
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Definitive Technology is a US loudspeaker brand that brings all the excitement of Hollywood movies to life with unique technologies and timeless design. Sound United, the company that owns the brand, now brings Definitive Technology B9000 series to Europe, and thus the Netherlands and Belgium.

The company comes with five speaker assortments for everything from music and movies to outdoor noise and custom installation, including the BP9000 home cinema system. with the bipolar technology that the company once started with. In addition, the Demand series of Definite Technology bookshelf speakers is introduced.

The founder of Definitive Technology, Sandy Gross, was previously involved in the founding of Polk Audio, now part of Sound United, before joining Don Givogue in 1990. Ed Blaise founded the new company in Maryland. From the beginning it was clear that Definitive Technology had a different vision on speakers. His first models were bipolar tower loudspeakers, with front and rear sound for an extensive, enveloping sound field and accurate reproduction. Today, the California-based company still uses its distinctive technology in its top model tower loudspeakers.

BP9000 series

The Definitive Technology BP9000 series is based on the heritage of Definitive Technolgy, but has been updated with the latest developments in the home theater, including the 3D sound of Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and Auro-3D. The four tower speakers on the floor each have built-in active subwoofers, while the top model BP9080X also has a top-mounted Atmos module that uses upward drivers to deliver the height channels required for 3D sound.

At the same time, the other three towers can be used with optional A90 Atmos modules and all four speakers have control functions to adjust the room-filling bipolar sound for a more diffused sound or more precise focus, simply by adjusting the balance between the front and rear drivers . In addition to the four floor models, you can choose from three center speakers, two of which have their own built-in active subwoofers and two bipolar surround speakers that can be combined with the floor speakers to create a seamless sound surround around the listener.

Definitive Technology Demand series

Demand is an assortment of three bookshelf loudspeakers. Central to the Demand series is the choice of driver units: the high-pitched driver is curved 5 ° to prevent symmetrical propagation from the corners of the soundboard and thus ensures better stereo reproduction, while the new 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens provides the response. outside the axis of the tweeter for improved dispersion over a wider listening area.

Definitive Technology BP9000 series

The same idea determines the Linear Response Waveguide that is used on the mid-range / bass driver that controls both the frequency response inside and outside the as the spread improves, while the same BDSSTM dual surround woofer technology as in the BP9000 series provides a longer driver response while maintaining precise motion, for better bass punch and more control.

A passive bass radiator is used to match the low frequencies in the larger D9 and D11 models, while the smallest speaker from the Demand series, the D7, uses a reflex port.
The drivers are mounted in an inert three-layered soundboard of pressed aluminum at the front, while the cabinets are finished with five layers of black gloss paint and are polished with a mirror finish. The Demand series is equipped with both wall mounts and a locking system to attach the speakers to the optional ST1 standards.

The range of Definitive Technology is now available at selected Definitive Technology dealers.