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Deezer brings lossless audio to Google Assistant speakers

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Deezer has announced this week that the Google Home speakers and speakers that have the Google Assistant can now stream audio in lossless quality via the streaming platform. That means that you can listen to music in 16-bit / 44.1kHz quality on these loudspeakers.

The subscribers of Deezer who purchase the HiFi package get the opportunity to stream Flac-quality audio in 16-bit / 44.1kHz resolution . This applies to both the Home speakers and Google itself as well as speakers from other manufacturers in which the Google Assistant is processed. Among others JBL, Panasonic and LG have announced or already released such speakers. In the Netherlands, the Google Assistant is not yet officially available as it does not yet speak Dutch.

Deezer HiFi has been available for Chromecast-compatible devices since 2017, but only now can you listen to music in lossless quality. And although the streaming service is also available for speakers with the Amazon Alexa assistant, there is still no possibility to listen to lossless audio via these speakers. Tidal does not yet have any integration with voice assistants, but does offer hi-res music, and Spotify is the most used service (also with voice assistants) but does not yet have lossless audio quality.

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