Death Stranding may take place in Iceland

Death Stranding: We have seen a lot of Death Stranding but nothing final yet. One rumor is, Death Stranding may take place in Iceland.
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We have seen a lot of Death Stranding, but we do not know anything at all. Kojima is a master in taming his games and that puts the community to work to put the pieces together. The latest development is that the possible location of the game has been determined.

Last week, Kojima posted a picture of some moss on Twitter and that without really a clear explanation of the location of Death Stranding. This type of moss corresponds to what grows on the lava fields in Iceland, which suggests that the game may take place there. Especially because Kojima retweeted this find from the community via Twitter.

It is also striking that the moss can be seen in the distance in the trailer of the game that was released late last year . In addition, Kojima was on the road in Iceland in 2014 and then he posted a photo on Twitter of … indeed, moss.

Death Stranding may take place in Iceland

It does not stop there, because the same trailer seems to be situated are in an environment full of lava and the music you can hear in the trailer, which is from the band Low Roar. Low Roar is a band from Iceland and Kojima has heard the music of that band when he was in a music store in Reykjavik in 2014.

There is also a promotional image of the Decima Engine – used for the game – and on that picture we see a beach with a rock in the sea. That is the famous black beach, Reynisfjara Beach, which can be found in the south of Iceland.

So far the hints around the location. Whether the game really takes place in Iceland is to wait, but the hints that Kojima has given seem to point out. On the E3 the game will be discussed extensively, mainly at the Sony showcase. It is possible that we will hear more about the location and what exactly you can expect from the game.