dCS LINA Network Streaming DAC

dCS LINA- A new dCS system, specially designed for listeners with headphones is available for sale with many attractive features.

dCS LINA- A new dCS system, specially designed for listeners with headphones

Featuring a dedicated network DAC, headphone amplifier and master clock, Lina is the first dCS system built specifically for headphone listening. Designed to handle a wide range of headphones and deliver incredible sound from all digital recordings, it offers the ultimate sound experience for headphone connoisseurs.

a bold vision

Lina began with the desire to create the ultimate system for headphone playback: a system that reveals the full potential of your chosen headphones, plus the full breadth of detail, artistry and emotion in your music. Drawing on our extensive experience developing pioneering audio products and technologies, including the multi-award winning dCS Vivaldi, Rossini and Bartók headphone DACs, we set out to design a new series of products that embodies our singular approach to sound reproduction. sound, while reflecting the unique needs and demands of headphone listeners.

Rooted in its heritage

Lina is a product made possible through three decades of relentless innovation: a relentless quest to improve the standard of sound reproduction and bring people closer to the music they love. Built on 35 years of continuous development, it combines state-of-the-art hardware and software with a technical lineage that dates back to the advent of digital audio and the creation of the world’s first high-resolution digital converters.

guardian of sound

Offering technical precision, transparency and musicality in equal measure, Lina reproduces every aspect of a recording, from the most subtle sonic details to the sense of rhythm, movement and harmonic flow, with absolute integrity. Whichever track is chosen, it delivers a performance that feels vividly detailed, effortlessly natural, and emotionally compelling. Always true to your music, she brings a new level of realism and purity to headphone playback.

key features

  • Solid-state headphone amplifier ensures optimal performance with a wide range of headphones, from IEMs to reference-level headphones
  • dCS Ring DAC™ and Digital Processing Platform ensure exceptional sound, regardless of source, genre or audio format chosen
  • Network DAC supports streaming via Roon, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL, Internet Radio and Apple AirPlay
  • Lina Master Clock offers an accurate and stable reference signal, for enhanced sound quality when streaming and listening via USB
  • Modular three-piece stackable design lets you configure your system to fit your space by arranging units vertically or side by side
  • Flexible FPGA-based architecture ensures long product life, with new features and enhancements provided through simple software updates