Dan Clark Audio Stealth: New flagship headphones

Dan Clark Audio Stealth: New flagship headphones launched. Read for more details.

With the Stealth, Dan Clark Audio is introducing new closed headphones, which, after a four-year development period, will now be available from the beginning of September 2021 and which should represent the new flagship of the Dan Clark headphones portfolio.

Dan Clark Audio Stealth Details

The Dan Clark Audio Stealth comes with newly developed planar magnet drivers, which – according to the manufacturer – are now in their fourth generation. The drivers are 20 percent larger than the Ether 2 model and are said to have both a lower harmonic distortion and improved bass reproduction.

Dan Clark is particularly proud of the so-called acoustic metamaterial coordination system (AMTS). This patent-pending system is a special material that is placed between the sound transducer and the ear and accommodates four acoustic elements in a compact structure: quarter-wave and Helmholtz resonators, waveguides and diffusers. This is intended, on the one hand, to reduce standing waves in the higher altitudes and, on the other hand, to smooth the frequency response.

Dan Clark Audio Stealth: eye-catching look with matt black leather and red stitching

The look is also impressive: the dominant materials are matt black leather with red stitching, carbon fiber and milled aluminum. Instead of mechanical sliders to achieve an optimal fit, Dan Clark Audio has developed a self-adjusting system that places the headphones correctly, almost fully automatically.

Despite these technical innovations, the Stealth weighs only 418 grams. The first series is limited to 100 pieces, and pre-orders are now possible.

Price Dan Clark Audio Stealth: 4,099 euros