Dan Clark Audio Corina

Dan Clark Audio Corina Over-Ear Headphones launches.

Dan Clark Audio Corina Over-Ear Headphones

Several years ago, Dan Clark Audio entered the market for electrostatic headphones with the launch of the exceptional Voce, which from the outset received the highest praise from publications specialized in High End audio as reputable as Positive Feedback, Absolute Sound, Headphones and Headphone Guru. In tune with his philosophy of constant search for sound excellence at the highest levelthe American firm has just announced the commercialization of the Corina, absolute reference headphones also based on electrostatic transducers that start from the Voce to elevate the listening experience in privacy to a few quotas of warmth and sumptuousness without precedents.

Thus, the Corina are the first electrostatic headphones from Dan Clark Audio that incorporate the revolutionary and exclusive Tuning System by Advanced Metamaterials (AMTS) from the Californian firm, used for the first time in the Stealth and Expanse models. Prodigiously engineered, the AMTS integrates waveguides, diffusion control, quarter-wave and Helmholtz resonators to eliminate standing waves, drastically improving sound performance. Specifically, the frequency response it’s significantly smoother in the mid and high ranges of the spectrum, while being free of potentially annoying ‘spikes and dips’, resulting in a fuller, more accurate and more enjoyable listening experience. Also, in order to guarantee maximum consistency between units, the Corina’s 88mm diameter transducer is manufactured with a new tensioning system which increases the diaphragm tension and its uniformity to achieve a better match between drivers, which are then carefully leveled to ensure a sensational picture and soundstage.

On the other hand, new pads with ergonomics improved, including a suede surface that prevents sweat and the usual “hot spots” in headphones. But the Corina’s ear pads aren’t just comfortable because, as most discerning fans know, they can seriously affect the sound of a set of headphones, which is why both new and replacement ear pads are supplied in perfect pairs. paired for reduce further the tolerance margins between the left and right channels and the variations from one unit to another. The ergonomics of the new Dan Clark Audio also contributes the new design of the headband, “imported” from the Stealth and Expanse models and that in combination with the aforementioned pads makes them incredibly comfortable.

Technical characteristics

  • Absolute reference circumaural headphones.
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art circular electrostatic transducers.
  • Absolutely extraordinary resolution and clarity.
  • Large diameter (88mm) drivers for maximum bass response
  • Ultra-thin metal stators to maximize sound quality.
  • New generation ear cushions and headband to maximize comfort.
  • Audiophile grade patch cable.
  • Compatible with the most popular energizers and amplifiers on the market
  • Flat frequency response curve starting at 6 Hz.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Weight: 465g.