Dali Rubicon 8 C & Oberon Vokal C: loudspeaker / streaming

the manufacturer Dali has its streaming products under the new platform Equi summarized.

As we reported recently, the manufacturer Dali has its streaming products under the new platform Equi summarized. Now the series is being completed. With two speaker models – a new flagship floorstanding speaker and a center – as well as several electronic components. All components should be available from specialist dealers by the end of the year.

Dali Rubicon 8 C and Oberon Vokal C loudspeakers: technical details

First there is the active floorstanding loudspeaker Dali Rubicon 8 C (Picture above). With a height of 110 centimeters, it will be the largest active floorstanding loudspeaker in the portfolio in the future. The optionally high-gloss lacquer or real wood veneer housing corresponds in principle to the passive Dali Rubicon 8, but is equipped with a radio receiver and a set of 250 watt class D power amplifiers, which include the three 165 mm bass-midrange speakers and the hybrid tweeter, consisting of a fabric dome and a ribbon, propel yourself appropriately.

The Dali Oberon Vokal C – an active center loudspeaker in a two-way design

Of the Dali Oberon Vowel C (Center speaker) is also an active, wirelessly controllable speaker. It comes with two 130 mm woofers and a 29 mm dome tweeter as well as two Class D amplifiers with a total output of 100 watts.

Dali Sound Hub and Modules

The central element of the Equi platform is the Dali Sound Hub. It accepts analogue audio signals (cinch and aux stereo jack) and digital (optical, coaxial, Bluetooth) and functions on the one hand as a “radio operator” to the active speakers, but also has a pre and a sub out as well as two expansion slots for the new Dali modules . There is currently a BluOS module that allows integration into the network via LAN and WLAN, as well as an HDMI module (Dolby Digital and DTS). Incidentally, the Sound Hub is also available in a version that has been slimmed down in terms of inputs and outputs and specializes in stereo playback Dali Sound Hub Compact.

According to Dali, the aforementioned components can be used to implement advanced stereo and home cinema setups – right up to a full-fledged 7.1 setup.

Speaker prices:

  • Dali Rubicon 8 C: 7,998 euros (pair)
  • Dali Rubicon Vowel C: 699 euros (each)

Electronics prices:

  • Dali Sound Hub Compact: 299 euros
  • Dali Sound Hub: 599 euros
  • Dali HDMI module for Sound Hub: 399 euros
  • Dali BluOS NPM-2I module: 499 euros