DALI KORE Loudspeakers launched

A state of the art DALI KORE Loudspeakers launched with height of more than 1.70 and a weight of 110 kilos per speaker.

DALI KORE Loudspeakers launched.

The new top of the range from DALI Speakers, presented at the Munich High-End 2022.


Some loudspeakers turned into empresses of power and that include the new generation of DALI Technology.

“DALI KORE is the renaissance of DALI design, electroacoustics, engineering and manufacturing,” explains Lars Worre, CEO of the Danish loudspeaker firm.

SMC Balanced Drivers

With DALI KORE comes the evolution of SMC technology with which DALI revolutionized the market years ago, developing the greatest technological innovation in loudspeakers in decades.

SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) has low electrical conductivity and high magnetic conductivity. This makes it work much better than iron, typically used in loudspeaker magnet systems, which, having high both values, succumbs to hysteresis-related sound disturbances. With KORE comes the 2nd generation of this technology with the SMC Balanced Drivers.

DALI’s SMC Balanced Drivers have a double coil that reduces any possible signal loss and distortion. Additionally, the woofers are equipped with DALI’s iconic maroon wood fiber cone and reach up to 7″.

DALI Evo-K hybrid tweeter

DALI’s hybrid tweeter module has also been a milestone in loudspeaker innovation. Combining the ability to reach the highest frequencies of the soft dome tweeter and the dispersion ability of the ribbon tweeter, the hybrid tweeter module was created which, for the KORE loudspeaker, has evolved into its 2nd Generation: the DALI Tweeter module. Evo-K.

The dome tweeter is 35mm and is manufactured by DALI itself, while the ribbon tweeter has also been redesigned. This update further improves integration with the woofers, reducing distortion to marginal levels.

Casing without parallel surfaces

When creating a cabinet for a flagship loudspeaker, there are two technical keys: that it offers good sound but without resonances, and that it offers firm support for the drivers.

If with Epicon DALI he has already completely dispensed with parallel surfaces to enhance the sound of the range by avoiding resonances, with KORE he has taken the curved design even further.

With the use of machined aluminum and high-end materials, it has also been possible to offer a rigid support for the drivers, allowing them to sound powerful without causing alterations in the sound.

In a luxury speaker, aesthetics cannot be neglected either, and KORE shows off the high level of its materials without any fuss. Its Ebony Amara varnish gives it a characteristic and luxurious pattern, while the black and gold details of the aluminum nuance it together with the emblematic burgundy color of the DALI wood fiber cones.

A giant among speakers

So much technology and power could not be packed into a small chassis. This column has a height of more than 1.70 and a weight of 110 kilos per speaker.

To decouple them from the ground, they have their own 34 kg cement plinth base, which allows them to play with full power without resonances or alterations.

From €88,000.