DALI IO-12 True Hi-Fi Wireless Headphone


DALI has taken advantage of the Munich High-End to present the world’s first headphones that include Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC). In addition, they have custom 50mm drivers, Active Noise Cancellation, adaptive Bluetooth aptX and USB-C/mini-jack 3.5mm cable connection.

Building on DALI’s four decades of experience creating award-winning sound devices, the DALI iO-12 headphones offer mesmerizing HiFi sound quality and great wearing comfort.

DALI iO-12 is expected to start shipping in August 2023. It will be available in Spain and Portugal from Sound&Pixel Planet, the brand’s official distributor, and its price will be 999 euro.

The keys of DALI iO-12

  • The world’s first headphones with the patented DALI Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) technology
  • True Wireless HiFi Headphones
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Custom 50mm drivers made with SMC
  • Long battery life (up to 35 hours of listening)
  • Removable square pads
  • Genuine leather ear cushions and headband
  • foldable design
  • Bluetooth with aptX adaptive technology
  • USB-C charging
  • USB Hi-Res Audio (24Bit/96kHz)
  • Compatible with voice assistants

The world’s first headphones with SMC technology

Using the same material technology as the firm’s high-end loudspeakers, the DALI iO-12 are the world’s first headphones to feature DALI’s patented Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) technology in its magnet system. When using conventional magnets in a speaker design, they often cause hysteresis. Therefore, there are unwanted resistances in the voice coil that can lead to distortion in the audio signal. DALI’s SMC technology is joined in these headphones with the miniaturized version of its paper fiber cones, managing to drastically reduce hysteresis and harmonic distortion. As a result, they deliver crystal-clear sound with ultra-low distortion, offering unrivaled depth and musicality.

From DALI they explain that “by applying SMC to the DALI iO-12 we have achieved levels of clarity in the midrange worthy of electrostatic headphones”.

Wired or wireless, you choose

Versatile and intuitive, the DALI iO-12 are headphones designed to be used with or without a cable, depending on the user’s taste. Thanks to the fact that it has both an adaptive Bluetooth aptX connection and a 3.5mm Mini-Jack to USB-C cable, it allows access to music stored on practically any device. From smartphones to DAPs, PCs, consoles, HiFi electronics and much more. By using the included USB-C cable, and if the sound source is compatible, the DALI iO-12 achieves perfect reproduction of Hi-Res 24Bit/96kHz resolution.

listen to your taste

The DALI iO-12 headphones offer two sound profiles for your music, allowing the user to choose between listening to the music naturally or adding a more powerful touch to the bass. The “HiFi” and “Bass” modes allow you to activate them at any time, just by pressing a button.

Control & Design

With its app-free ease of use, users can skip songs, adjust the volume, and more using the iO-12’s built-in buttons. With state-of-the-art Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, they achieve an immersive listening experience even in the noisiest environments, allowing the user to enjoy even the most subtle details of music anywhere and any situation.

With a comfortable design and a long autonomy of 35 hours of listening without fatigue, the DALI iO-12 headphones allow you to enjoy sound anywhere. And thanks to its high-quality integrated microphone, you can also enjoy its high quality making calls or voice control compatible devices.

With foldability and a genuine leather headband, as well as oversized square earpads, users can enjoy comfortable listening anywhere with the new DALI iO-12.

DALI iO-12 is expected to start being marketed in August 2023. It will be available for the price of 999 euros.