DALI Introduces PHANTOM AMP-2500 DSP and IW SUB S-100

DALI Introduces PHANTOM AMP-2500 DSP and IW SUB S-100 for Custom Install

The Danish loudspeaker manufacturer DALI Speakers has introduced two new devices to its Phantom range: AMP-2500 DSP and SUB S-100. It’s about a Class D rack amplifier and a recessed subwoofer, although it can also be placed on the floor or on-wall.

They will be available from fall 2023 and will arrive in Spain and Portugal thanks to Sound&Pixel Planet, the official distributor of DALI Speakers. The price of DALI IW SUB S-100 is 1499 euros, and that of DALI AMP-2500 DSP is 2199 euros.


DALI AMP-2500 DSP is a multifunction amplifier that completes the Custom Install catalog of the Danish firm. It has Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and presets for different speaker models, ensuring the best audio experience. It has an amplification 2 x 500W Class D developed by DALI engineers, achieving unmatched efficiency and ultra-low distortion. It is designed to be integrated into a rack and can also be jumped money, achieving a power of 1000W.

Among the DALI PHANTOM amplifier’s DSP tools is a full range of parametric equalizers, audio limiters, compressors, routine matrix, input and output settings, speaker delay, and presets for speaker models. All this is controlled from any computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to WiFi through the web interface DALI AMP CONFIGURATOR.

Although it was originally designed to move the DALI SUB S-100, its versatility makes it compatible with all types of custom install speakers even with the top-of-the-range Phantom M and S.


For its part, the DALI PHANTOM IW SUB S-100 subwoofer has a fully enclosed casing, allowing it to be installed in the easiest way possible without needing a back box. It’s as easy as taking it out of the box, using the cutting template and fixing it using the eight doglegs integrated once it has been connected to the cable. Its depth is just 102 mm, PHANTOM IW SUB S-100, which makes it compatible with most standard walls.

However, it can also be hung on the wall or left on the floor, where thanks to its flat profile it can be easily hidden under furniture. This way, it can offer high-quality sound where other high-performance subwoofers do not fit.

His new 10″ long-stroke driver ultra-shallow, developed by DALI engineers, achieves a powerful sound far exceeding this built-in subwoofer’s size. Equipped with technology, Constant Surface Surround (CSS), co-created with Purify Audio, features high sustain power, low distortion, and accurate bass response. As a result, it becomes the perfect accessory for any Custom Install speaker system, such as the DALI Phantom.