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Dali Equi: Streaming products loudspeaker & hub from Dali

The Danish manufacturer Dali already presented various active wireless speakers in 2018, in which the digital audio data is transmitted wirelessly via the Dali Sound Hub via a lossless radio connection. These include the Callisto C, Oberon C and Rubicon C (seen in the picture above).

Dali Equi: Everything under one roof

Dali is now announcing that it will be bringing its wireless streaming products – loudspeakers and electronic components alike – under the new family name “Equi”. The name says it all: Because Equi (“the same”) should mean that all players in the series guarantee authentic sound and are equally entitled to the fact that they can be combined in a modular way – right up to a 7.1 surround set.

Dali Equi Sound Hub: control center for wireless music playback

In the meantime, the Dali-Equi product line has also got its own page: here you can find out more about the Equi family.

And if you’re curious: Here’s our way Test of the Dali Oberon 7C.


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