DALI EPIKORE 11 Loudspeakers

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DALI celebrates 40 years of existence with the launch of EPIKORE 11: 4 ½-way floor-standing loudspeakers with Ultra-Low Distortion SMC Gen-2 technologies. They are available in 3 High-Gloss finishes and feature an EVO-K hybrid tweeter, a 6”½ EPIKORE midrange driver, and four 8” EPIKORE woofers.

EPIKORE is the natural evolution of the acclaimed DALI EPICON range, inheriting various technologies from the top-of-the-range DALI KORE. EPIKORE combines the ultimate in audio realism with luxurious craftsmanship, making for an exceptional listening experience.

DALI EPIKORE 11 is a 4 ½-way loudspeaker tower that sets a new low-distortion design benchmark. The curved cabinet, made of natural varnished wood, houses four powerful 8” woofers, a highly dynamic 6”½ midrange driver – all using 2nd Generation DALI Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) technology – and the EVO-K hybrid tweeter.

“EPIKORE 11 is the natural evolution of our award-winning EPICON loudspeaker,” they explain from DALI. “And it has everything we have learned developing the top-of-the-range DALI KORE,” they add.

EPIKORE 11 is expected to begin shipping at late summer 2023, and its price will be 39,999 euros.


  • 4 ½-way design with custom-built drivers
  • SMC Gen-2 technology for ultra-low distortion
  • EVO-K hybrid tweeter module, consisting of a 35mm soft dome tweeter and a 55 x 10mm HF ribbon element.
  • 6”½ EPIKORE midrange driver with SMC Gen-2 and custom wood-paper fiber cone.
  • Four 8″ EPIKORE woofers with SMC Gen-2 technology
  • New KORE SMC Crossover Inductors
  • Premium Grade Crossover Parts
  • Aluminum adjustable stabilizers
  • New High-End Binding Posts
  • Dual-flare Bass Reflex Ports
  • mechanized baffles
  • Available in three exclusive high-gloss finishes

DALI SMC Gen-2 technology

When using ordinary magnets in loudspeaker design, hysteresis often occurs. This means that an unwanted resistance in the voice coil can lead to distortion affecting the sound signal. Designed to reduce hysteresis dramatically, the SMC Gen-2 is the next generation of DALI’s patented SMC magnetic technology.

First used in the recent top-of-the-range KORE, SMC Gen-2 is also used in EPIKORE 11’s midrange and bass drivers, as well as the crossover’s induction cores, offering notable improvements over the first generation SMC that it was first used in EPICON loudspeakers released in 2014. The result is an even more significant reduction in the magnetic system’s hysteresis, flux modulation, and eddy currents. This translates into even lower loss and distortion, leading EPIKORE 11 to deliver authentic reproduction with incredible dynamics.

Paper and wood fiber cones

EPIKORE 11 has DALI cone technology, made of paper and wood fiber, which reduces weight and adds roughness to the surface. The latter avoids resonances, improving driver specifications. EPIKORE 11 achieves the finest, most dynamic musical details using fiber cone technology.

EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter

Initially developed for the DALI KORE, the EVO-K hybrid tweeter combines a large 35mm soft dome DALI-developed tweeter with the improved version of the DALI ultra-thin ribbon tweeter element. Together with the powerful neodymium magnet motor system, they deliver surprisingly smooth and effortless reproduction of high frequencies at any volume.

EPIKORE Midrange Driver: Pure Dynamics

The newly designed EPIKORE midrange driver is six and a half inches in size and achieves stunning reproduction. This benefits from the complex geometric structure in embossed paper and wood fiber used in Dali KORE, which, in addition to helping to control the diaphragm modes, reduces distortion without adding weight. The titanium voice coil and magnet systems with DALI SMC Gen-2 technology reduce mechanical distortion and loss even more than the first generation, allowing for outstanding reproduction.

4 x 8″: dream bass

For their part, the four 8-inch woofers feature exceptionally wide and powerful magnet systems with DALI SMC Gen-2 technology. Thanks to them, EPIKORE 11 can fill any room with a comprehensive, precise, and extensive bass seamlessly coupled to the reproduction of the midrange driver. Thus, it is possible to reproduce even the most minor details with practically no loss of information.

A crossover with a lot of technology

Introduced in DALI KORE for the first time, the SMC Crossover Inductors included in EPIKORE 11 are the first inductor cores with SMC Gen-2. Compared to standard air core inductors, this technology allows for reduced DC resistance, the better vulnerability of the connection between inductors, especially at high inductance, and a shorter signal path. Coupled with carefully chosen high-performance capacitors and resistors, the first-class crossover mounted on the EPIKORE 11 is exclusively optimized for this loudspeaker model. The SMC Gen-2 properties achieve about 12 decibels less distortion than iron powder core chokes.

A design full of luxury and details

Taking inspiration from the first models of DALI Loudspeakers, EPIKORE 11 features new binding posts with the possibility of bi-wiring, including large thumb screws for easy handling with bare wires and spade terminals.

Meanwhile, the EPIKORE 11’s machined baffles are made from highly rigid, acoustically inert materials, providing a beautiful, solid base for the drivers while eliminating unwanted cabinet resonances. Bass Reflex Dual-Flare ports help woofers deliver an intense, distortion-free frequency response.

Designed and manufactured by DALI herself, EPIKORE 11 exudes the minimalism, elegance, and style of classic Danish furniture. With adjustable tips, ensuring exceptionally stable ground contact, and available in three exclusive High-Gloss finishes – Black, Maroon, and Walnut – the new EPIKORE 11 sounds as great as it looks.

EPIKORE 11 is expected to start shipping at the end of summer 2023, and its price will be 39,999 euros.