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Cyrus Phono Signature Phono Preamp – News fairaudio

As the Unna-based Bellevue Audio (the German and Austrian distributor for Cyrus Audio) announced, the British manufacturer Cyrus is making a very special offer to all vinyl fans on the occasion of Record Store Days 2021 on June 12 and July 17: the Cyrus Phono Signature phono preamp is offered in a double pack with the additional PSX-R2 power supply unit at a price reduction of 500 euros.

Cyrus Phono Signature: technology

This phono stage comes with four unbalanced cinch inputs, each of which can run in MM and MC configuration. On the output side, the preamp is equipped with one XLR and one RCA tap. The MC branch can be configured in terms of gain (40 to 70 dB), input impedance (11 to 47,000 ohms) and capacitance (220 pF to 3 nF) – and of course the configurations for all four inputs can be saved. A switchable subsonic filter is also on board.

A look inside the separate Cyrus PSX-R2 power supply

As soon as it is connected, the separate power supply PSX-R2 supplies all sound-relevant components of the Cyrus Phono Signature with power; the built-in only has to “take care” of the relays and the display.

The discount is available from June 1, 2021 to July 31, 2021.

A list of dealers can be found on the Bellevue Audio website (see below).

Promotion price Cyrus Phono Signature and PSX-R2: 2,590 instead of 3,090 euros


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