Cyrus Audio Classic PHONO

Introducing Cyrus Audio Classic PHONO - The award-winning Phono Signature is lauded as one of the best phono stages at any price

The new Classic PHONO is possibly the most advanced phono preamplifier available today. It is designed to exceed the expectations of vinyl’s most serious audiophiles, particularly in areas such as direct musical performance, precise cartridge matching, and flexibility of use.

The Classic PHONO allows up to four turntables to be permanently connected because many vinyl enthusiasts enjoy multiple turntables, arms, or cartridges for different records. The four inputs can be tailored to the cartridge specifications and the user’s acoustic preferences. Gain, resistance, and capacitance adjustments are provided for MC cartridges. Settings are conveniently stored in memory for future reference.

Level display

Stereo output level meters that operate in real-time allow clear and precise gain adjustment to optimize the headroom available in your system for each MC capsule.

Advanced circuit design

The Classic PHONO enjoys a high-capacity, very low-noise DC power supply that allows the preamplifier to provide an extremely wide dynamic range, ensuring extended signal levels long before clipping. Attention to circuit design and component placement ensures a very low noise level, further expanding musical dynamics.

Signal Path Components

RIAA passive filtering uses high-performance metalized polyester capacitors for maximum precision and performance.

The Classic PHONO includes a port for the PSX-R2 power supply. The PSX-R2’s power is routed internally to provide a more stable and quieter power supply.


  • Connection for up to four MM and MC capsule turntables.
  • Configurable MC inputs for gain, load, and capacitance.
  • Stereo output level meters with peak hold to optimize MC gain.
  • Balanced XLR and RCA outputs.
  • Warp filter to reduce bass excursion on warped discs.
  • Ground lift switch to help eliminate hum problems.
  • PSX-R2 port for the definitive upgrade.
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm.