Count HM1 headphone amplifier & preamplifier

Count HM1 headphone amplifier & preamplifier are available in the market the price: 7,999 euros including the power supply residing in a separate housing.

The German manufacturer Count electronic sound engineering ensures sound engineers keep their ears perky: Count has been manufacturing analog studio technology for more than 35 years, the company’s devices can be found in mastering studios, broadcasters or on the Sonopress label. Now there is a new headphone amplifier.

Count HM1 headphone amplifier: concept and technical details

According to the company’s founder Michael Count, the development goal was to satisfy the demands of sound engineers as well as high-end enthusiasts. Making music without whitewashing, neutral and nonetheless stimulating listening pleasure – that should characterize the Count HM1.

The HM1 counter runs continuously in the Class A operationwhich is already noticeable by the fact that it already consumes almost 40 watts in the idle state. Count Class-A intends to take it one step further: The circuit has been given negative feedback, which does not correct any transfer distortion, but only the errors that arise from the interaction of headphones and power stage. The output resistance is so low that headphones can be guided as tightly as possible.

The back of the Count HM1 headphone amplifier: Two separately controllable inputs, symmetrical and asymmetrical playable

The counter HM1 has two inputs with separate level controls and on / off switches, so that level-correct A / B sound comparisons are possible. There is also a cross-fading function that enables “smooth” changes between input A and B. However, it is also possible to mix both sources and not only listen to the generated signal with headphones, but also access it via the rear line outputs. In principle, the HM1 is also a two-channel mixer with reference quality, as it is called by Count.

Other interesting features are a loop-in path, e.g. for an effects device, a treble and bass adjustment that allows three-stage increases and decreases, as well as a Setting option for the stereo base widthwhich is based on the M / S technology that has been tried and tested in the studio. Different “rooms” can also be tried out with headphones. A direct button bypasses all sound-changing levels if desired.

The HM1 is offered in a small edition of 50 pieces per year, the price: 7,999 euros including the power supply residing in a separate housing.