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Cloud saves on PlayStation 4: you need to know about this

cloud saves on PlayStation 4
With a PlayStation Plus subscription, it is possible to use cloud saves on PlayStation 4. But how does that work exactly? This article explains all.
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With a PlayStation Plus subscription, it is possible to use cloud saves on PlayStation 4. But how does that work exactly? In this article we explain how to activate the service, how the process is handled manually and what you have to take into account.

Although PlayStations have more and more space on the internal hard disk lately, it is still nice to have a back up your files so that you do not lose everything when something goes wrong unexpectedly. But it can also be nice to have your storage files in the cloud because you often switch from PlayStation (some households have two or more) or when you often play with your friends. Whatever the reason, it is wise to activate cloud saves when using a PS4.

But before you start on cloud saves, it is useful to know exactly what you are starting and what to look out for. Because experiences show that not everything works immediately as you might expect. If you have an Xbox One (for example) at home, for example, your storage files are automatically stored in the cloud at no extra cost. However, PlayStation owners have to pay for Sony’s backup service and they do so through a PlayStation Plus subscription – so that’s what you need in any case.

Before you can start …

Before you access to the cloud storage service from Sony, so you have to sign a PlayStation Plus subscription with Sony. You can do so via PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 4, where you buy the subscription digitally and add it directly to your account. Or you buy a prepaid card in the store (physical or online), enter the code of the card and thus have access to the service. Because the prices are quite high we advise you to buy several tickets during an offer; you can stack up to three years with codes.

Do you have a subscription? Nice, then we can start. It is good to know that automatic upload is not immediately enabled. If you already have saved games on your hard drive, they are not automatically uploaded to the cloud. So you must initially transfer the files you want to save to the cloud, so that they can become cloud saves. Forget about doing this, so it may be that you arrive at your friends or other PlayStation and you miss the files you wanted.

Manually upload save files

Save files manually can in two ways. First we look at the possibilities via the Settings

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and press Manage stored application data
  • Press Upload to online storage.
  • Choose the game from which you want to upload the file
  • Tick the file to the cloud on the left or click on Select All
  • The upload button is located at the bottom right

The useful thing about the above method is that you are in one glance sees everything save files in the picture that can go to the cloud. But you can also do it via the home screen. Go to the game from which you want to upload the file, press Options (on the controller) and select Upload / download saved data. On the left you select the files that can go to the cloud. You can choose everything or choose the option with which you can select files. Then follow the last two steps mentioned above.

The observant gamers have already seen it, but via Management of saved application data it is also possible to download cloud saves manually. The options for this are on the right-hand side of the screen and are almost the same as the upload.

cloud saves on PlayStation 4

cloud saves on PlayStation 4 automatically managed

You can always choose to manage all save files manually. That might also have to do if you were against the limit of 10 GB of cloud storage (that is increased to 100 GB). But for most gamers, the above process must be run once to ensure that their storage files are securely stored in the cloud. Fortunately, there is an option that automates the process, so you really do not have to worry about it anymore. But how do you arrange this?

Before you can configure this, first make sure that your PlayStation 4 is always in standby.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll to Energy saving settings
  • ] Search Set functions available in idle mode
  • Check the box next to Keep connection to the internet.

Now you can prepare the PlayStation 4 for automatically uploading your saved files.

  • Return to the Settings
  • Go to Manage stored application data again
  • Then click Automatic upload
  • Check the box next to Enable automatic uploads

Warning for automatic upload

Although the name suggests that all your stored files are always uploaded to the cloud, that is unfortunately not the case. What is not known to some gamers is that this only applies to the PlayStation 4 that is set up as your main console. For example, if you are saving your games from home with your friends, then you have to upload the save manually (and thus replace it) when you have finished playing and go back to your own PlayStation 4. So do not assume that always all your files are always up-to-date.

From now on if you want to turn off your PlayStation 4 …

Now, of course, it is important that the PlayStation 4 can continue to do its job. That’s why you have to make sure that the PS4 is never turned off completely. If all goes well, you have already set the game console to keep its internet connection when you put it into sleep mode. So it is also the intention that you never completely turn it off. When you’re done with gaming, you go back to the home screen and via the interface all the way to the right. Or, press and hold the PS button, press Power and select the Sleep mode from there.

Problems with cloud saves on PlayStation 4

It is of course possible that problems arise with cloud saves. A lot can happen, but in most cases you get a message about it. That message is between your notifications. By clicking on it you get more information about it. You should probably check your internet connection and manually upload or download the cloud saves. It is also possible that you have closed your PlayStation 4 incorrectly so that the upload does not work. So make sure that your PlayStation 4 is always in idle mode.