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Clearaudio Professional Power 24V power supply unit

The manufacturer Clearaudio brings out a new power supply for the turntables of the Innovation and Ovation series. The name: Professional Power 24V. According to the analogue specialist from Erlangen, the aim with this new power supply unit is to close the gap between the previous standard power supply unit and the battery-buffered Smart Power 24V, which is more advanced in terms of technology and price.

Clearaudio Professional Power 24V: technology

Inside the power supply unit there is, among other things, a resonance-optimized transformer with a rectification and stabilization unit as well as improved filtering; The Professional Power 24V is supposed to improve the level of music reproduction not least because of these features, promises Clearaudio. This applies to all turntables in the Cleraudio Ovation and Innovation series.

Round thing: the back of the new Professional Power 24V power supply from Clearaudio

The power supply unit, which weighs just over a kilogram and consumes around three watts of power, is available in black and white – at a price of 690 euros.


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