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Chord Electronics 2yu: digital bridge for the 2go

With a smart device called 2yu, Chord Electronics provides an expansion option for the mobile music streamer 2go before that we have already tested. The Chord 2yu aims to make the mobile streamer integrable in the home system – with high audiophile demands.

Chord Electronics 2yu: Features

Basically, it is a digital bridge in compact format – the streamed data can then be further processed via a high-quality DAC that the user already has. Chords 2yu is simply plugged into the 2go and then provides four digital outputs: Cinch, BNC, Toslink and USB. A powerful digital signal processing should support real-time sample rate conversion and minimize jitter as much as possible. The device supports PCM up to 32 bit / 768 kHz and DSD256.

Good and practical mix of connectivity on the connection side of the Chord 2yu

Workmanship and choice of materials seem to support the professional claim – the housing is milled from the solid aluminum, which not only leaves a high-quality impression, but is also supposed to protect the interior from interference. Illuminated control buttons for output selection, mute, dimming and on / off are located on the top. Some of these can light up in different colors and thus display operating states.

The Chord Electronics 2yu is available now at a price of 599.90 euros


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