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Chord Company Clearway USB cable – news fairaudio

The Chord Company has a new one based on their C-USB cable USB cable called Clearway developed. Through various modifications and optimizations, it should have even better electrical properties than its predecessor.

Chord Company Clearway: technical details

The new Clearway USB cable comes with a double foil and a high-density braid as a shield. Signals should still be like this better protected from RFI / EMI transmitted and digital noise between the connected components can be reduced.

Illustration of the strands and shielding of the new Chord Company Clearway USB cable

But that’s not all: the shielding of the connectors has also been improved by sheathing with a zinc alloy. The gold-plated connector pins close Silver-plated, oxygen-free conductors with high bandwidth. According to the Chord Company, the new USB cable is also characterized by a compression-free strain relief system.

The Chord Company Clearway USB cable is available in four different lengths: 75 cm (129 euros), 1.5 meters (149 euros), 3 meters (199 euros) and 5 meters (239 euros).


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