CH Precision P10 Phono Stage

CH Precision P10 Phono Stage: 10 Series performance comes to vinyl playback!

10 Series performance comes to vinyl playback!

Following the introduction of the L10 and M10 amplifiers, CH Precision is proud to announce the release of the associated phono stage, the new P10. Our original P1 phono preamp has long been recognized as the benchmark for phono performance by reviewers and end users alike. But as impressive (and impressively versatile) as the P1 certainly is, the P10 represents a whole new level of sophistication and music reproduction.

  • Two-chassis product with dedicated massive power supply and ultra-low noise level.
  • Completely new circuitry with three separate gain stages to reduce noise.
  • Two-stage passive equalizer.
  • Four independently configurable XLR/RCA phono inputs:
  • Two MC inputs for transimpedance current detection.
  • Two conventional, fully discrete, voltage-sensing MC/MM inputs.
  • Higher gain and finer gain adjustment (3dB steps instead of 5dB) on all inputs.
  • User selectable local/global feedback.
  • Unprecedented range of charging options on voltage inputs.
  • Seven optional equalization curves for EMI, Columbia (LP), Decca (London), Teldec (DGG), NARTB/NAB, Capitol (AES) and Philips.
  • Improved user interface, including a handy IR remote control for all major functions.
  • Improved capsule load/gain wizard for easier setup.

The P10 may be an analog component, but the numbers tell the story: a noise floor that’s 5dB lower than the already ghostly quiet P1; 45 to 78dB of gain in 3dB steps (that’s 8dB more than the P1); four independent phono inputs and up to eight different record playback EQ curves. Add the remotely selectable Neumann pole for all EQ curves, local/global feedback, stereo/mono switching, and high-pass filter and you have one of the easiest-to-use phono stages available.

Of course, the P10 incorporates the improved mechanical grounding system used in the other 10 Series products and is available in the same selection of three different finishes. But add to that the choice of balanced (XLR) or single-ended (RCA) connections for all inputs: the provision of balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA and 50Ω BNC) outputs; the choice of current sensing (transinductance) or voltage sensing MM/MC inputs, with the unprecedented charging options available for the latter; the opportunity to double up to a full quad-chassis P10 True Monaural and also has one of the most versatile phonos, able to get the best out of almost any cartridge and match any system.

But the icing on the cake is its performance. The performance that is captured on the disc you are playing. The L10 and M10 broke new ground when it came to system blending, natural musical reproduction, and communication, bringing listeners closer to the original event than ever before. The P10 offers the same benefits, but offers them much closer to the front of the system so you enjoy the benefits at every stage afterward. Records have never sounded so real, you’ve never been able to get so close to the original artists or their performance. Just when audiophiles were beginning to think it was safe to trust digital sources, the P10 took recording playback to a whole new level.


Prices vary by country, but prices in euros are as follows:

  • P10 Twin Chassis Phono-stage € 77.000
  • P10 Four Chassis True Monaural Phono Stage €132,000
  • Optional EQ cards /pair €2,200