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CES round-up: What will 2020 bring in the field of smarthome?

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What will 2020 bring in the field of smart home: After the CES in Las Vegas, it is time to take stock again. What can we expect in 2020 in the field of smart home?

The CES 2020 in Las Vegas is now over. The largest electronics fair in the world has again shown us various beautiful new products. Which products can we all expect in the coming year? And what are the trends for 2020?

The trends in the field of smart home

What are the trends in the field of smart home?  The strong foundation has therefore been laid. In the coming year we will therefore see improvements in software, ease of use, privacy and security. And almost every product receives support for one or more virtual assistants. The choice is often left to the user, by offering support for different smart home platforms. Whichever platform you use, there is a good chance that the product you have chosen offers support for this.

In addition, more and more products will be made smart, with smart appliances in particular on the rise. These are your normal household appliances, but with added smart functions. The smart home will therefore increasingly expand to the hitherto often skipped rooms in the house, such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

Operation of the smart home

It will not surprise you that voice control is becoming increasingly important. For us in the Benelux, the Google Assistant is the most important voice assistant. In the coming period, Google will continue to work on improving the Google Assistant . For example, you will soon be able to leave notes on your Google Nest Hub, you will have access to shortcuts and you should be able to set up planned actions. Installation should also be made easier.

Samsung is also still working on the Galaxy Home Mini. When will this smart speaker with Bixby finally appear? According to Samsung CEO Hyun-Suk Kim, this will finally happen in early 2020.

Amazon Alexa is not forgotten either. Royole launches a unique smart speaker with the virtual assistant. The Mirage Smart Speaker has a 360-degree display all around. This model is solidly priced at $ 899, has Amazon Alexa support, and will only be available in the United States for now.

Operation does not stop with smart assistants, of course. Fibaro has announced the Home Center 3 . This smart home system is even faster, more powerful and more extensive than the predecessor. Protocols such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, WiFi and Nice are supported.

Safety and security

Every year, various cameras, sensors and other new products in the field of safety and security are announced. Arlo comes with the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera . This model works on batteries and is equipped with a floodlight in addition to a 2k camera. Manufacturer D-Link comes with a new generation of cameras with AI technology . The AI ​​must ensure that the cameras can distinguish people from objects and analyze sound directly. Are you an Apple HomeKit user? Then take a look at the Eve Cam . This security camera was built from the ground up for Apple HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video.

What will 2020 bring in the field of smarthome

We also see that more and more smart door locks are being presented. The Somfy Door Keeper is not only a smart door lock, but also warns against vibrations that indicate an attempted burglary. Then an alarm sounds immediately. Netatmo also comes with a new smart lock with support for Apple HomeKit. In addition to the application, you can also use physical nfc keys. Finally, there is the Yale Linus . This smart door lock supports Google Assistant and bluetooth. The company also comes with a smart safe for your valuables and a lock that allows you to lock cabinets.

Most impressive in the safety and security category, however, is the Bee. The Bee is an independent observation drone for your garden. Perhaps not very useful in our densely populated country (and the rules for drones are also strict), but very nice. By means of sensors in your garden, called Sunflowers, movements and vibrations are detected. This activates the Bee and will see what is going on. The observation drone distinguishes between people, animals and cars.

What will 2020 bring in the field of smarthome


Smart lighting remains extremely popular. For many people, smart lights are the first step towards a smart home. The Ring company, known for its smart video doorbells, will also be introducing smart lamps in the coming year . The models with standard sizes can be used both indoors and outdoors. There will also be lamps that are charged by means of a built-in solar panel. Even more lamps for outside are the new Philips Hue Outdoor lamps . The company has unveiled a new range of smart wall lamps, path lighting and low voltage fixtures at CES 2020.

Manufacturer Lifx is also coming with new smart lamps in the Edison line. These smart filament lamps combine the old design of the incandescent lamp with modern aspects such as control via the app. Nanoleaf comes with new luminous panels in the shape of a hexagon as well as regular smart bulbs and accessories.

What will 2020 bring in the field of smarthome

Do you think many smart lamps are too expensive? Then the smart lamps from Sengled may be something for you. In addition to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the new models will also support Apple HomeKit.

Home network

A smart home starts with a good network. Without a good connection, everything will not run as smoothly in your smart home. Manufacturer D-Link announced several new routers during CES 2020 . It concerns a total of no fewer than nine new models, including the COVR X1872. This mesh system supports WiFi 6 . There is also support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. TP-Link also comes with new mesh routers with support for WiFi 6. These new models also support mu-mimo ,  wpa3  and  Amazon Alexa .

What will 2020 bring in the field of smart home

Lenovo releases the Connected Home Security . This tool can monitor your home network and report when it detects strange behavior. So if someone is secretly in your network at home, you will find out immediately with this tool.

field of smart home- Various devices for the home

Smarthome is of course more than a smart security camera, smart lighting or a smart plug. Many home appliances are being made smart these days. How about a smart litter box to analyze your cat’s feces? Or how about an accessory that makes everyone a barbecue king ?

Most smart speakers are not as suitable for a humid environment as the bathroom. Manufacturer Kohler therefore comes with a shower head with built-in Alexa speaker . This way you can listen to music while scrubbing. You don’t have to be afraid of water damage thanks to the ip67 certificate.

What will 2020 bring in the field of smart home

The kitchen is certainly not forgotten. The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where many people do not yet have smart products. This may seem to change soon if we look at the announced smart products for the kitchen. How about a Whirlpool thermometer that automatically adjusts the temperature of the oven? Samsung and LG come with smart fridges with artificial intelligence . LG also comes with a greenhouse for the home . It looks like a refrigerator, but in the meantime you can grow your own fruits and vegetables. The company is busy with all kinds of new products anyway, as a new robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function has also been announced . Speaking of robot vacuum cleaners; the Roomba’s robotic vacuums get IFTTT support, so other devices in the house can also control Roomba. A fun fact is that Roomba has also announced that it is working on a robot vacuum cleaner with arms . He can also help with laundry, washing dishes or serving food, for example.


What will 2020 bring in the field of smart home

One of the most unique products announced at CES 2020 is the Samsung Ballie . This rolling robot helps in your smart home in terms of safety, fitness and communication. Although it is not yet a product that will appear in stores soon, the future seems a step closer. In the future, we will probably all have a small smart robot in the house.

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