Cayin RU6: DAC & headphone amplifier in dongle format

With the RU6, the manufacturer Cayin is introducing an extremely compact USB DAC and headphone amplifier.

With the RU6, the manufacturer Cayin is introducing an extremely compact, 28 gram USB DAC and headphone amplifier, which is intended to significantly enhance the sound of smartphones, which, not least, can make a separate DAP superfluous. The Cayin RU6, equipped with a 1-inch OLED display, features technologies that are usually only used in larger and more expensive DACs.

Cayin RU6: features and technology

A converter developed in-house is used in the RU6, which can convert audio files up to 24 bit / 384 kHz via USB. But that’s not all: This is actually a real ladder DAC. The typical disadvantages of digital volume control can also be avoided using this technology.

Furthermore, users can choose between non-oversampling and oversampling mode. In oversampling mode, the reproduction of details is improved, while in non-oversampling mode a very natural and coherent sound flow is offered, according to Cayin.

RU6: Packaging and scope of delivery at a glance. The RU6 itself is packed in an aluminum housing

On the connection side, the RU6 has a USB-C port, an optional adapter cable for Lightning connections is available. Headphones are connected either via a 3.5 mm or a balanced 4.4 mm jack socket.

The Cayin RU6 is available now. The price: 329 euros.