Cayin N6ii Titanium R2R Limited Edition DAP has launched

Cayin N6ii Titanium R2R Limited Edition has been launched with two variants, R2R of 1,998 euros and R01 of 698 euros

If an iPod is too boring for you and if you are always looking for the best in portable audio players, you could possibly end up with the manufacturer Cayin – we already had that too Cayin N3 Pro in the test. Now there is a replenishment for friends of mobile delights.

Cayin N6ii Titanium R2R Limited Edition – technical features

Similar to the recently tested Aqua Formula DAC the DAC of the Cayin DAP is also designed as a discrete R2R resistor ladder DAC. Come per channel 48 high-precision film resistors with low temperature drift are used. Otherwise, the CPU, display, battery and other components are technically the same as the Cayin N6ii Aluminum. The Cayin N6ii Titanium R2R Limited Edition, on the other hand, has a different housing of the DAP: It consists of a titanium alloy that, with regular use, is supposed to age aesthetically and give the device a patina with a slightly golden texture. The volume control and the side buttons are also made of coated brass. Attention: This special edition is available worldwide 600 copies limited.

Cayin standard audio motherboard R01

The new motherboard for the Cayin N6ii comes with a ladder DAC

Another innovation from Cayin is the now sixth audio motherboard R01 for the Cayin N6ii. The use of this board makes it possible to enjoy the sound of the R2R technology in the N6ii as well. Above all, the depth graduation, sound stage and spatiality should be significantly improved, according to the current press release.


  • Cayin N6ii Titanium R2R Limited Edition: 1,998 euros
  • Cayin standard audio motherboard R01: 698 euros