Cayin CS-805A: Tube Integrated Amplifier

Cayin CS-805A: Tube Integrated Amplifier. With the CS-805A, the manufacturer Cayin is introducing a new tube amplifier a single-ended Class A operation

With the CS-805A, the manufacturer Cayin is introducing a new tube amplifier which, despite single-ended Class A operation, delivers a powerful 2 x 50 watts and can also be used as a pure power amplifier. The preload and negative coupling can be adjusted manually.

Cayin CS-805A: Features and Technology

The CS-805 A comes with three line level inputs and a pre-in, so that it can also be operated as a power amplifier with an external pre-amplifier.

That is interesting Tube mix: The classic output triodes of the WE6SN7 type are used for the voltage amplifier stage of the integrated amplifier, while 300B types are used in the driver stage for the 805A output tubes. In addition to taps for 4 and 8 ohm speakers, there is also a headphone output.

Cayin CS-805 A rear: three line inputs, a pre-in and taps for 4 and 8 ohm impedance

The bias settings for the 805 tubes and the 300B tubes can be controlled manually. Also, it is possible to see the negative Negative feedback to operate either with 0 or -3 dB. At 0 dB, according to Cayin, the amp should deliver an “open, fluid and detailed sound”, while at -3 dB it should play particularly gently, precisely and in a controlled manner.

A soft-start circuit, easily accessible high-voltage fuses and a high-voltage delay are designed to protect the sensitive components and ensure a long service life for the tubes.

Cayin CS-805 A - Bias setting

Cayin CS-805 A: Detailed view of the bias setting

Among other things, a classic volume control from Alps, porcelain tube sockets, selected carbon film resistors and capacitors as well as high-quality EI output transformers with a large bandwidth are installed. A remote control is also included in the scope of delivery.

The amp, available in silver and black, costs 6,400 euros.