Cayin CS-6PH tube phono preamplifier

Cayin CS-6PH tube phono preamplifier launches

With the new CS-6PH represents Cayin an ambitious one Phono preamp that understands both MM and MC signals and works with selected tubes on the circuit side. The amplifier, which is handmade according to the manufacturer, is flexible in terms of adaptation to the respective pickup and comes up with RCA and XLR outputs.

Cayin CS-6PH: technical features and concept

There are two separate inputs for MM and MC cartridges, which can be wired at the same time – the switch on the front can be used to switch between the two inputs. Last but not least, it is ideal for multi-armed turntables or the operation of two turntables with different systems.

The inner workings of the Cayin CS-6PH tube phono preamplifier

Two 6922 tubes from Electro Harmonix are responsible for amplifying the MC signals, and two ECC83 tubes from JJ Electronics are in the MM branch. The output stage is amplified by two 12AT7 glow pistons and two RCA 22DE4 are used for voltage rectification.

Cayin CS-6PH tube phono preamplifier rear side with MM and MC inputs as well as XLR and RCA taps

The back of the new Cayin CS-6PH phono preamplifier has MM and MC inputs as well as XLR and RCA taps

In addition to the input selector switch, the front panel of the Cayin CS-6PH also features a five-stage impedance adjustment for MC systems (47 ohms, 100 ohms, 200 ohms, 470 ohms and 1000 ohms), a multi-stage gain adjustment (40 dB, 57 dB, 61 dB, 65 dB) as well as the possibility of setting the input capacitance for MM cartridges to 47 or 100 picofarads. There is also a high-pass filter that cuts off low rumble frequencies and thus prevents unwanted, acoustically disruptive membrane deflections.

The Cayin CS-6PH will be available from October at the price of 2,498 euros – with a black or silver front panel.