Cayin CS-300A tube amplifier in single-ended design

Cayin CS-300A tube amplifier in single-ended design launches

News from Cayin: The CS-300A is a new tube amplifier that comes with a puristic single-ended circuit and sophisticated peripherals – and generates eight watts RMS per channel. It can also be operated as a pure output stage.

Cayin CS-300A tube amplifier: technology

Two 300B output tubes are responsible for the characteristic sound of the single-ended concept. A 6SL7 voltage amplifier stage with a downstream 6SN7 driver stage supplies the directly heated triodes, while two GZ34 tubes ensure the channel-separated rectification of the high voltage.

The Cayin CS-300A has three high-level inputs on board, and another pre-input enables it to be used as a pure power amplifier. Three taps for impedances of 4, 8 and 16 ohms allow optimal adaptation to the loudspeaker. But that’s not all: The output transformers have separate winding taps for a headphone output, which is designed as a 6.3 mm stereo jack on the front.

The tidy rear section of the Cayin CS-300A with three high level inputs, pre-amp input and three LS taps

Conveniently, a measuring instrument is available for the bias adjustment, it is attached in the middle on the top. The negative feedback can also be selected using a switch. In the 0 dB setting, the sound is “soft and open”, while the reproduction at -3 dB is characterized by the sales department as “clear and sharp”.

The internal cabling is done point-to-point, there is also a soft-start device and high-voltage fuses in the event of a tube defect. A remote control is also included with the Cayin CS-300A.

The new tube amplifier is available now – with either a silver or black front panel.

Price Cayin CS-300A: 3,980 euros