Cayin C9 headphone amplifier and InEar YD01 Fantasy

Cayin C9 headphone amplifier (mobile tube headphone amplifier) has been launched along with InEar YD01 Fantasy (in-ear headphones).

The manufacturer Cayin is introducing two new products that are now available: the mobile headphone amplifier C9 with transistor and tube branch and the in-ear headphones YD01 Fantasy.

Cayin C9 – mobile tube headphone amplifier

This high-end solution for mobile use consists of a fully symmetrical and completely discrete 4-channel headphone amplifier with a maximum output power of 4100 mW at 16 ohms or 2600 mW at 32 ohms – per channel.

If you like, you can loop the signal through a tube stage or choose the classic transistorized amplification. The user can also choose between pure Class A and Class AB operation. The amp is equipped with unbalanced 3.5 mm and balanced 4.4 mm inputs and outputs. Power is supplied by a removable battery module with user-replaceable lithium-ion batteries from Sony. The introductory price of the device is 2,198 euros.

Cayin InEar Monitor YD01 Fantasy

These in-ears come with a beryllium-coated 10.3 mm membrane made of bio-cellulose, driven by a two-way double-chamber magnet system. The case is highly polished and made of stainless steel.

Cayin InEar YD01 Fantasy – elegant design and high quality cable

Cayin has given this classy in-ear a high-quality, 130 cm long OCC copper litz cable with gold-plated plugs. External noise should be reduced by up to 26 decibels through mechanical damping – a high sensitivity of 108 dB is also specified. The introductory price: currently 898 euros, later 998 euros.