Canton Vento: speaker series for HiFi and home cinema

Canton Vento: speaker series for HiFi and home cinema. . A total of nine different models are now available -

The manufacturer Canton has revised and expanded its Vento series. A total of nine different models are now available – they can be used to implement classic stereo setups as well as full-fledged home theater systems including Dolby Atmos.

Canton Vento Series: What’s New?

According to Canton, the Vento line, which is below the Reference K series, comes in the revised form with new drivers for the low and midrange. The titanium-graphite chassis have a high degree of rigidity, which reduces sound discolouration. Aluminum oxide ceramic drivers are used for the high-frequency range, with a special front panel ensuring the optimal acoustic transition to the mid-range.

The connection terminals have also been revised, they now come with fine threads and gold-plated screw terminals.

Canton Vento series: Here in the picture, a compact and a floor-standing model as well as the active subwoofer

The basic bow shape of the housing has also been redesigned and therefore has an overall appearance Housing volume won, which – according to Canton – enables more bandwidth and bass precision. The optimized internal stiffening in turn reduces unwanted resonances in the housing. Last but not least, the base also received a design update with more distinctive lines.

The new Canton series comprises the floorstanding loudspeakers Vento 80, 90 and 100, the compact Vento 20 and 30, the center loudspeaker Vento 50 as well as a wall loudspeaker (Vento 10), subwoofer (Vento Sub 12) and a Dolby Atmos loudspeaker (AR -8th). The models of the Vento series are available in the color variants Black High Gloss and White High Gloss.

Prices (pair prices, unless otherwise stated):

  • Floorstanding loudspeakers
    • Canton Vento 100: 4,698 euros
    • Canton Vento 90: 3,798 euros
    • Canton Vento 80: 3,098 euros
  • Compact speaker
    • Canton Vento 30: 1,398 euros
    • Canton Vento 20: 1,198 euros
  • Others
    • Canton Vento 50 center speaker 1,099 euros (each)
    • Canton Vento Sub 12 subwoofer 1,699 euros (each)
    • Canton Vento 10 wall speakers: 998 euros
    • Canton AR-8 Dolby Atmos loudspeaker 898 euros