Canton Townus: speakers for stereo and home theater

Canton Townus: speakers for stereo and home theater launched. The Canton Townus 90 floorstanding loudspeaker with the Townus 50 center

The Hessian loudspeaker specialist Canton is apparently flirting with the fact that he comes from the land of poets and thinkers and is launching a new series with the Denglish poemed name Townus. Anyone who speaks English and is well versed in geography (or interested in young and old-timers from Ford) will have already figured out the playful suitcase word from “town” (city) and “Taunus”, with which Canton the “origin of Loudspeakers from the rather calm, rural nature of the Taunus ”wants to merge with the modernity of Homo Urbanus.

Canton Townus loudspeaker series: features & technology

The Canton Townus 90 floorstanding loudspeaker with the Townus 50 center

Behind it is an extensive series for stereo and home cinema applications with everything you need for a proper Dolby Atmos experience. Passive floorstanding, compact, wall and center loudspeakers are available as well as a 380 watt active subwoofer with a 31-centimeter woofer and an equally large passive membrane – and of course the (passive) Dolby Atmos loudspeakers with integrated wall brackets for transmitting the height channels. This is how true multi-channel paradises can be configured.

The new Canton Townus series is positioned as a replacement for the Chrono SL and Chrono series and thus directly below the “Vento” series. The chassis equipment is correspondingly high-quality: All speakers are equipped with driver membranes made of titanium in the bass and midrange and aluminum oxide ceramics in the treble (AR-5: aluminum-manganese).

The large radii on the edges of the housings should acoustically contribute to minimizing edge reflections and ensure a modern overall appearance. Despite the rather narrow housing bodies – which are good against baffle reflections – Canton emphasizes that the Townuses have sufficient housing volume for a deep and powerful bass reproduction – thanks to the generous housing depth. The newly designed internal reinforcement guarantees minimal housing resonance – and the newly developed connection terminals with fine threads are intended to ensure permanent contact and loss-free signal transmission, according to Canton.

Canton Townus: Loudspeaker Series

The complete Canton Townus family in walnut veneer

The prices of the Canton Townus models in high-gloss black or silk-matt white (walnut veneer for an extra charge between 10 and 100 euros / piece):

  • Townus 90 (floorstanding speaker) from 2,598 euros (pair)
  • Townus 30 (compact speaker) from 1098 euros (pair)
  • Townus 50 (center speaker) from 699 euros (each)
  • Townus 10 (wall speaker) from 399 euros (each)
  • Townus Sub 12 (active subwoofer from 1,349 euros (each)
  • AR-5 (Dolby Atmos loudspeaker) from 399 euros (each)
Canton Townus: loudspeaker series in high-gloss black

And the third surface variant: the Canton Townus series in high-gloss black