Canton Smart Soundbar 10 & Soundbox 3 now with Apple AirPlay 2

Canton Smart Soundbar 10 & Soundbox 3 now available with the support of Apple AirPlay 2 thanks to important upgrade for home cinema fans.

Good news for everyone who is interested in a Canton Smart Soundbar 10 or the Smart Soundbox 3: Both devices are now Apple Airplay 2 certified. The Soundbar 10 also received a small but important upgrade for home cinema fans.

Canton Smart Soundbar 10

Attentive fairaudio readers will remember: We already had this slim soundbar in review, in conjunction with the associated active subwoofer. In the present second generation, Apple AirPlay 2 is also on board. In addition, there is HDMI eARC as a new feature, which should represent a significant advance for many users: For example, when the Canton soundbar is connected directly to a television set, the soundtracks of Dolby Atmos productions can now also be called up in native form. The price of the Smart Soundbar 10: 999 euros

Canton Smart Soundbox 3

The Canton Smart Soundbox 3 is now also compatible with Apple AirPlay 2

The compact multiroom loudspeaker Smart Soundbox 3 from Canton is now Apple AirPlay 2 certified. It is equipped with a 95 mm aluminum bass-midrange driver, a 19 mm fabric tweeter and two passive membranes. The built-in digital amplifiers have a system output of 120 watts, the soundbox can stream via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast, a stereo jack input also allows the connection of a high-level source. The Smart Soundbox 3 costs 389 euros.