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Canton Smart Amp 5.1 & Sounddeck 100 with Apple AirPlay 2 + eARC

Canton is gradually adding important updates to its Smart series products that ensure even more connectivity. This currently affects the Smart Amp 5.1 and the Smart Sounddeck 100: Both are now equipped with Apple AirPlay 2 or eARC.

Canton Smart Amp 5.1

The rear of the Canton Smart Amp 5.1

The Canton Smart Amp 5.1 multiroom AV amplifier now also has Apple AirPlay 2 on board. This means that all speakers connected – wirelessly or wired – can now be wirelessly controlled by Apple devices with music. Regardless of whether stereo or multi-channel with Dolby Atmos and eARC, wireless or wired – everything is possible. Up to six wired and a maximum of eight wireless speakers from the smart ecosystem can be combined.
Price: 849 euros

Smart Sounddeck 100

Canton Smart Sounddeck 100 rear

As flat as a flounder, but with many features: the Canton Smart Sounddeck 100

Here, too, Apple AirPlay 2 is an integral part of the feature list. The speaker can be set up and controlled via Google Chromecast as well as Apple. The new version also has an HDMI-out with eARC. In conjunction with a wireless smart subwoofer or up to seven additional smart speakers, the sound deck can be used and expanded flexibly.
Price: 1,049 euros


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