Canto Smart Vento 9 floorstanding center speaker launched

Canto Smart Vento 9 center speaker has been launched. A floorstanding speakers which is an active speaker with closed three-way system seems interesting choice.

:Canto Smart Vento 9 center speaker launched Canton has added a new center speaker to its Smart Vento series. It goes by the name Canton Smart Vento 5 and should be ideally paired with the floorstanding speakers Canton Smart Vento 9 and the compact Smart Vento 3.

Canto Smart Vento 9: technology & equipment

The center speaker is an active speaker with closed three-way system, whereby the feed is wired and the fed signal can be passed on wirelessly to other wireless speakers from Canton.

A 17.4 cm chassis is used for the bass and midrange, while a 25 mm ceramic tweeter is responsible for the tweeter. If you like, you can make the drivers optically invisible – using the magnetically adhering front coverings supplied.

Matching stands are optionally available – and the Center is available in black and white

There are two analogue sources for connection to sources High level inputs (RCA and XLR) and two digital inputs (S / PDIF optical and coaxial) are available. The total output of the built-in Class D power amplifiers is 350 watts. The good 14.5 The Canton Smart Vento 9, which weighs in at one kilogram, is now available in black and white.


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