Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ in-ear headphones launched

Launched: Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ in-ear headphones launched today and available in the market and online for the price of around 130 euros

Already in 2019 Cambridge Audio his first True wireless in-ear Melomania 1 in front. Now the British manufacturer is stepping up – with the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+, which brings various improvements.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ technique

The system playing time of 45 hours. It is composed of a (maximum) nine hours The battery life of the in-ears, which is increased by the included storage and charging case 36 hours can be expanded before the charging cradle has to be connected to the mains again.

What is new is that the headphones are now also newly developed with the Melomania app full individualize leaves. There is also an integrated EQ function with preset preset recommendations and a freely adjustable one Equalizer, which allows a very precise adaptation of the sound to your own taste. The “Find my Earphones” function, with which you can find the small earbuds once you have misplaced them, is very practical for people who are clumsy. thanks Bluetooth 5.0 The headphones are not only energy efficient, they can also enable a wireless range of up to 30 meters compared to the Bluetooth source device.

The air is set in motion by dynamic 5.8-millimeter drivers coated with graphene. It is worth noting that there are two modes of operation: one Class A / B mode for maximum sound quality and a Low power modewhere the focus is on the longest possible battery life.

The Melomania app allows an exact adaptation of the sound image to your own hearing taste and also “helps” with the search, in case you have puzzled the little earbuds …

The basic functions, such as volume adjustment, start / stop and the like, are over Snap fasteners retrieve. But if you like, you can also simply “talk” to your Melomanias – Google Assistant and Siri are integrated. The scope of delivery also includes various silicone ear tips in various sizes.

The Cambridge Melomania 1+ are available in the Cambridge Audio online shop and on Amazon in black and white. On request there is also a separate one for 10 euros Silicone cover without loading functionality in various colors.

Price Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ headphones: 129.95 euros