Cabasse RIALTO HELD (High Excursion Low Distortion) woofers

Cabasse RIALTO HELD (High Excursion Low Distortion) woofers launched which is wireless Hi-fi system in bookshelf format

RIALTO, the first Cabasse wireless Hi-fi system in bookshelf format

Inspired by the most famous and ancient bridge in Venice, this new audio system called RIALTO symbolizes the union between traditional Hi-Fi and the connected technologies developed in the last 10 years by Cabasse. It incorporates the best acoustic and software technologies and is made up of two connected active loudspeakers, in a compact bookshelf format, with smooth, rounded lines reminiscent of the Murano.

Surprisingly dynamic audio performance and presence for a bookshelf speaker

Although very compact, RIALTOs have the potential to deliver the emotion and impact of live sound, with vocals that stand out and instruments that fill the space. They offer the full dynamics and precision of high resolution recordings. A technological achievement made possible by numerous Cabasse innovations:

Proprietary HELD (High Excursion Low Distortion) woofers

Capable of offering powerful, deep, precise and, above all, distortion-free bass. With a diameter of just 17cm, the speaker design allows for very high excursion without the magnet going out of field for maximum impact without distortion.

A perfect synergy between amplification and speakers

Thanks to the patented DEAP (Digital Enhancement of Acoustical Performance) technology developed by the Cabasse R&D teams. This technology improves loudspeaker performance through multi-band dynamic signal processing with feedback loops that allow all available amplification power to be exploited, for distortion-free “peak” representation.

Three speakers arranged on the same axis

This coaxial technology, developed by Cabasse as early as 1952 and constantly improved since then, allows all sound waves to propagate from a single point of origin so that they travel coherently and naturally, without interference or artificial coloration of sound.

A versatile audio system designed for Hi-Fi and suitable for TV!

While RIALTO offers the ability to listen to all your music sources and platforms in stereo, it also includes a TV jack that lets you experience every movie with incredible dynamics. You can also control the volume with your TV’s remote when your speakers are connected via built-in e-ARC technology.

An evolving, tactile integrated controller

RIALTO presents a touch screen control on its main speaker, very comfortable and useful, whether it is to simply raise or lower the volume with its rotary ring, change its sources, or add or modify its favorite radios, without having to go through the application. . The color LCD video screen also displays album art for currently playing albums. As is standard with Cabasse connected systems, software updates will allow the display interface to evolve.

A subtle and refined design that can be easily integrated into its surroundings

Available in satin black or white, RIALTO is an elegant shelving system that will match any interior. Its 13cm coaxial carbon fiber midrange tweeter is surrounded by a brushed aluminum frame. A chrome base elevates the monitor for an overhead design. There is also a magnetized metal grill to protect the speaker.

Calibrated sound for your home!

Worthy of the highest-end systems, with its integrated microphone, this system has been designed and engineered to deliver optimal hearing quality, thanks to Cabasse’s patented automatic room calibration. With the Cabasse Stream CONTROL app, users will be able to further personalize their sound through innovative optimization tools developed to suit their homes and preferences.

RIALTO compatible with all Cabasse connected systems!

To bring high-end sound to every room in the house, users can team RIALTO with other Cabasse connected systems, including THE PEARL lifestyle range. It is therefore possible to create zones to listen to different sources (Streaming, TV, Turntable, etc.) from anywhere in the house.