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Buying a smart security camera: everything you need to know

When buying a security camera,keeping in mind what you want to do with it. Basically It keeps an eye on the entire place it is aimed at.
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Do you want to buy a smart camera? In this article, we’ll list everything you need to know about smart security cameras.

smart home can consist of many devices, including one or more smart security cameras. However, due to the differences that the cameras bring, it is always wise to read in before you choose to purchase a smart security camera. One question you can ask yourself before buying a smart security camera, for example, is whether or not you want to be tied to a subscription service. In this article we list everything you need to know about smart cameras.

Buying a smart security camera: What is a smart camera?

A smart security camera can be used anytime, anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. You point the device at a place that you want to keep an eye on and you can then use your smartphone or tablet to check whether everything is going well. You do not have to be at home for that. There are also smart cameras that realize what they are seeing. That way, the device can send you a notification if there are people hanging around where the camera is pointed, or if it is purely a pet or the car of the neighbor. The cameras are getting smarter and can therefore recognize exactly what is moving and in the near future even who is moving. One of the smart cameras that has some of those qualities is the Netatmo Presence .

Placement and installation

When buying a security camera, it is always useful to have in mind in advance what exactly you want to do with it and what the camera should be able to do. There are cameras that work wirelessly and therefore depend on batteries, including the wireless Arlo camera . You can also choose to take a camera that simply works with a power cable. You also have several choices regarding installation. This way you can choose whether you want to hang or place the camera. Once you have purchased the camera, the manual can be consulted in order to position and install the smart camera in the ideal way. There is also quite a difference in the different cameras whether they can rotate and whether or not it can be controlled remotely.

Not every camera is made to be used outdoors as well. Whether or not a camera is good for outdoor use depends, among other things, on the water resistance of the device. A solution where you point a camera that is intended for indoor use through glass outwards is anything but ideal. Because cameras nowadays often have infrared lighting to be able to see well at night, this option is not available. Infrared lighting does not go through glass and provides reflection so that you only see a spot.

Buying a smart security camera:What can a smart camera do?

A smart security camera keeps an eye on the entire place it is aimed at. The exact options differ per model. It is clear that with any smart camera you have to be able to see what is happening from a distance by using a tablet or smartphone. You can also count on warnings if something doesn’t seem to be right. Some smart cameras have the qualities of realizing what they are actually seeing. For example, the camera can warn you as soon as a car, pet or person has been detected. Some cameras also actually recognize faces, so that you know, for example, who entered and when. In addition, there are cameras that can detect sounds and therefore warn you if strange sounds have been detected.

Another nice thing to keep an eye on is whether the camera has two-way communication. This means that the camera has both a speaker and a microphone. In that case, you can not only hear what is happening, but also talk yourself. An example where this is possible is the Canary Flex . this is especially useful when the camera is watching the children.

There are also quite a few differences per camera in terms of the services that are provided. For example, with one camera you can assume that it will record everything it sees 24/7, while other cameras only record when something actually happens. It is always good to know in advance where you can save the recorded images. Does a microSD card have to be used, is there a cloud for the camera itself, can you use your own Dropbox account or are there other options? In addition, with some smart cameras you are tied to subscriptions. With Netatmo (known from Welcome and Presence ) you do not need a subscription to store your images as you can use your own facilities. At Nest on the other hand, yes. To have ten days of video history, you pay ten euros a month for the first camera. Without a subscription, you can only see the last three hours. The subscriptions and free options differ per camera, so pay attention to this before purchasing.


If you are buying a smart security camera that, for example, switches on your smart lights if something suspicious is detected, it is important to find out which other smart home devices are compatible with the camera. After all, some cameras only let you communicate with products of the same brand and that’s not what you always want. In most cases, manufacturers also post on their website with which other devices the camera can communicate. Cameras that are sure to work with a host of other smart products are Nest’s cameras. In other cases, IFTTT could possibly offer a solution. In addition, various companies offer complete security packages, in which the camera is part of a system with sensors and detectors. Everything then comes together in one app released by the company.