Burmester BC150 loudspeaker & Burmester 217 turntable

Burmester BC150 loudspeaker & Burmester 217 turntable launches

While other hi-fi manufacturers bring out new devices or loudspeakers quite often, the clock rate at the traditional manufacturer Burmester is significantly lower. Burmester friends should be all the more pleased that two new products have now been announced: a passive loudspeaker and a record player. Incidentally, this is just the starting shot, more devices are to follow in the coming year.

Burmester 217: record player

With the 217 model, Burmester is adding a new turntable to its Top Line, which was inspired by the successful 175 model from the Reference Line. Unlike the 175, however, it does not have an integrated phono stage.

Burmester 217: Solid construction with straight tonearm

The Burmester 217 is equipped with two belt drive motors, which are located in a low-resonance housing made of solid aluminum, which – according to the press release – results in an almost perfect concentricity. The turntable weighs 31.5 kilograms and comes with a straight, gimbal-mounted tonearm made of a fiber composite material. A is mounted at the factory Pickup system with a Shibata-cut needle. In terms of price, the Burmester 217 is said to be just under 20,000 euros lie.

Burmester BC150: loudspeaker

These new floorstanding loudspeakers are also real bolides – weighing 195 kilograms each. It is a 3-way bass reflex system with dynamic drivers for the low and mid-range and two Air Motion Transformers for the high range. The woofer, which goes up to 155 Hertz, is located on the side, while the midrange (155 to 1800 Hertz) and one of the tweeters radiate on the front. Interesting feature: A tweeter is also attached to the rear, its level can be adjusted and is intended to give the sound image a variable plus in depth.

The characteristic sound pressure is given as 88.5 dB / W / m and the frequency response as 34 – 20,000 Hertz. For internal cabling, Burmester relies on high-quality cables with generous cross-sections in order to reduce internal losses due to contact resistance as well as possible. Individual decorative elements are interchangeable so that individual special designs can be ordered without any problems. The price: around 98,000 euros.