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Buchardt Audio S400 MKII loudspeaker with many upgrades

The speaker and electronics specialist based in the Danish town of Silkeborg Buchardt Audio comes up with a “major upgrade” that makes its successful passive Monitors S400 got very fresh on the way. Even if both generations of loudspeakers looked the same, a lot has happened technically.

The Buchardt Audio S400 compact loudspeakers won a fairaudio’s favorite award from us. The new MKII version is now available at the early bird price (Click here to go directly to the action) can be pre-ordered, delivery will start in November of this year.

Buchardt Audio S400 MKII: Concept and innovations

It is a two-way compact loudspeaker that has an additional oval-shaped speaker on the back Passive membrane (125 x 200 mm) is equipped. Compared to the previous model, the crossover has been significantly revised, which not only applies to the use of new, high-quality components from well-reputed suppliers such as Miflex and Jantzen Audiobut also the basic crossover design. The result is a significantly improved stage image with a balanced, neutral tonality.

Buchardt Audio S400 MKII: View of the new crossover

A new one is used for the bass and midrange 15 cm aluminum cone, which, especially in connection with the passive membrane on the back, is supposed to bring tight, articulated and deep bass with it, during the 19 mm textile dome tweeter with aluminum CDC waveguide was retained.

Buchardt Audio specifies the efficiency with 88 dB / 2.83V / m and the frequency response with 33 – 40,000 Hertz (in the room, +/- 3dB). There are 7.5 kilo loudspeakers available in three color variants (black matt, white matt, walnut veneer) 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Buchardt Audio S400 MKII speakers: front and back

Buchardt Audio S400 MKII speakers: front and back

Anyone who strikes now will get the loudspeakers at a special price from 1,800 euros instead of the later regular ones 2,000 euros.

Get an appetite? Then take a look at our review here Previous model Buchardt Audio S400.


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