Bowers & Wilkins Introduces 800 Signature Series

Elaborated. Polished. Perfected.

Bowers & Wilkins introduces the 800 Signature Series, a unique take on the iconic range of benchmark loudspeakers, the 800 Diamond Series

  • The new 801 D4 Signature refines and enhances the already exceptional 801 D4, providing a listening experience that takes it to unprecedented excellence.
  • The new range also introduces the 805 D4 Signature, designed to bring unparalleled levels of transparency and precision to models in its category. It is a more compact speaker, making it the perfect choice for demanding music lovers in smaller spaces.
  • Both models incorporate enhancements that optimize their performance based on unique and patented technologies that cannot be found in other 800 Diamond Series speakers. Combined with exclusive new finishes and luxurious details, the two new Signature speakers take it to the next level.

Worthing, UK, June 28, 2023: Bowers & Wilkins uses the Signature terminology to refer to unique and radically improved versions of some of its most iconic designs. Since the brand was founded in 1966, loudspeakers have been produced with the prestigious Signature name only seven times, reflecting its prestige and exclusivity.

The new Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 Signature and 805 D4 Signature loudspeakers continue the tradition that began in 1991 with the making of the internationally acclaimed Silver Signature model, originally developed as a posthumous tribute to the company’s founder, John Bowers, and in celebration of 25 company anniversary.

The models that now receive this exclusive Signature treatment and on whose basis it has been worked are the 801 D4 and 805 D4. Already renowned for its exceptional performance and aesthetics, the Signature Edition incorporates carefully upgraded components, fine-tuned construction details, and luxurious new finishes. The new 801 D4 Signature and 805 D4 Signature represent the pinnacle of Bowers & Wilkins’ current philosophy and design and should be considered the latest flagships in the brand’s speaker range.

A new benchmark in loudspeakers

The largest model in the new Signature range is the 801 D4 Signature, a powerful three-way floorstanding speaker based on the specifications of the iconic 801 D4 used at Abbey Road Studios. Equipped with such advanced technical refinements as the Bowers & Wilkins exclusive Diamond Dome tweeter and ContinuumTM Cone midrange driver with FSTTM technology, the 801 D4 Signature also incorporates two powerful 254mm Aerofoil cone woofer drivers ( 10″) whose magnetic motors mount updated and improved magnets compared to the 801 D4 model. The 801 D4 Signature also includes an innovative aluminum top plate below its dedicated midrange speaker enclosure, the bold Turbine Driver; This state-of-the-art design element uses a new, optimized internal structure and carefully placed absorbing material to reduce unwanted resonances from the top of the cabinet significantly. The result is transparency and openness in the middle zone that is superior even to the already outstanding registers of the 801 D4 in both parameters.

Also, the bass-reflex port of the 801 D4 Signature has undergone equally significant improvements; now, it is constructed of cast aluminum, creating a more rigid and quieter structure that is less prone to unwanted noise potentially present in such a port. Combined with the updated Aerofoil Cone woofers, this translates into even cleaner, less distorted, more precise, and more musical bass.

As with all Signature models released over the years, the 801 D4 Signature benefits from careful improvements to its crossover filter to further increase overall transparency, with new and improved decoupling capacitors being incorporated for each element in the array. Finally, the 801 D4 Signature introduces a new FEA-optimized tweeter grill mesh design that adds to the impressive transparency offered by existing Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers.

The new tweeter grille offers superior transparency and rigidity, allowing even more energy to be sent into the listening room from the Diamond Dome tweeter while protecting the diaphragm from unwanted damage.

Our best bookshelf speaker to date

The 805 D4 Signature offers new standards in performance and capacity in a smaller format that is easier to integrate into domestic spaces than its powerful sister. Like the 801 D4 Signature, the 805 D4 Signature also includes a protective grill with a completely new mesh design for increased openness and transparency and an improved crossover with new decoupling capacitors. In addition, a newly developed magnetic motor for the 165mm (6’5”) Continuum cone bass/midrange driver improves the latter’s performance, guaranteeing cleaner midrange and extended bass in equal measure. Finally, mechanical revisions have been made to the aluminum top plate further to reduce unwanted noise and vibration from the assembly structure.

distinguished exclusivity

Properly identifying its prestigious position within the Bowers & Wilkins portfolio, the 801 D4 Signature, and 805 D4 Signature are only available in two exclusive new finishes. The Midnight Blue Metallic paint is the same as that offered on the iconic Nautilus speaker, with eleven coats of paint and lacquer machine-polished to a brilliant, lustrous finish of exceptional quality. Without counting drying times, the paint application process alone requires more than 18 hours of work. Loudspeakers with a Midnight Blue Metallic finish are additionally distinguished with a leather trim Leather by Connolly* custom-made blue on top plate.

*Connolly leather, of British origin, has been used for over a century in the upholstery of the most exclusive vehicles of British manufacturers.

Alternatively, both models can be purchased in the exceptional California Burl Gloss finish; a unique and beautiful wood with unique and characteristic grains, and a luxurious high gloss finish edged in Leather by Connolly Black. The cover is made of sustainable treated wood supplied by the Italian specialist ALPI. With as many as fourteen coats of lacquer and multiple sanding processes, finishing a single 801 D4 Signature in California Burl Gloss exceeds 24 hours.

As with all Signature speakers that have seen the light of day over the decades, our two new Signature 800 Series models perfectly embody the Bowers & Wilkins product philosophy and a proud legacy of our traditions. The company remains unwavering in its passion for delivering the best, most authentic listening experience possible, and the 800 Signature Series models are the next step toward this goal. This is the best of the best that we know how to do.

Commenting on the market launch of these two unique products, Dave Sheen, Bowers & Wilkins Brand President, said: “The 800 Signature Series represents the coming together of those who define the Bowers & Wilkins brand, from our colleagues at the manufacturing facility to the world-renowned engineering team at our R&D center, to produce the best loudspeakers we’ve ever made. I am incredibly proud of the collective effort that has gone into producing the new 800 Signature Series models and can’t wait to hear from critics and customers alike.»

Starting June 28 at select dealers, the 800 Signature Series is available in two specialty finishes: Midnight Blue Metallic and California Burl Gloss.