No mandatory account for Bose products usage required anymore

No mandatory account for Bose products: As earlier you required a subscription for using Bose products is withdrawn by company.

mandatory account for Bose products: Recently released headphones and earplugs from Bose all have the same annoying commitment: you need an account to use the products. Otherwise you will not be able to use the app and that means you will miss out on many functions. For example, if you want to adjust the noise cancellation for a set of earplugs or headphones, you can’t do that without an account.

No mandatory account for Bose products

However, Bose has decided to withdraw that obligation. This is evident from the latest update for the iOS version of the Music app from the company. The release notes state that you do not need to create an account and can directly link and use your products. In principle, that’s just how it should be. A company may not oblige you to use an app by keeping functions at hand. In fact, that makes no sense.

Get started faster – When setting up your Bose headphones or Bose earbuds, you can now skip creating an account and start enjoying your product right away. Create an account later via the Settings menu.

Bose was also quite unique in this. Many other manufacturers of headphones and earplugs were not aware of this obligation. Sony and Sennheiser, to give just two examples, let you use their products as you wish. You can always create an account afterwards, but only do so if you want to and see the point of it.