Bold Smart lock is remotely controlled by Bold Connect

Bold smart lock is even getting better with Bold connect as now you can open door with your Smartphone instead of key.
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A keyless house is possible with a smart lock. One of those smart locks comes from Bold. You don’t open this lock with a key, but with your smartphone. Thanks to Bold Connect, however, you can now do that wherever you are. This is a new gateway that you install on top of your Bold lock, making the smart Cylinder can communicate remotely with the app.

Bold Connect

If your partner, your child or a handyman is at your door, you can give them access to your house on the road, at the office or even on vacation. You use the app on your smartphone for this. However, it is also possible with the Bold app to ensure that you grant access to people on a standard day and time: even if someone can let themselves in, you will always receive a notification. The idea of ​​Bold Connect is that you can still grant people remote access at the moment itself.

If your phone is still on the kitchen table or is empty, there is also a backup pin code that you have set in the app. Input is via the outside knob of the smart lock, so you are not completely lost without a smartphone. For that reason, the app will indicate in time when the battery of your lock is expected to run out. Opening from the inside is always an option.

Smart cylinder

You install the Connect on top of Bold’s smart Cylinder, which is simply the smart lock. Connect therefore ensures that the Cylinder is better connected to your phone. Bold locks appear to be installed in five minutes, with the highest security rating possible. It does not matter whether you have 3-point locks or a jamming door.

The Bold Smart Lock SX series has a suggested retail price of 199 euros. For Bold Connect there is an additional 99 euros on top. Bold is for sale in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Fortunately, because Bold is a Dutch brand, so it is wise to launch the right thing in this market.