Bold Smart Cylinder Lock is a smart door lock from a Dutch startup

Bold Smart Cylinder Lock is a smart door lock launched by BOLD Security Technology which is a Dutch start-up.

BOLD Security Technology has started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a new smart door lock: the Smart Cylinder Lock.

BOLD Security Technology is a Dutch start-up that has recently focused on developing a smart door lock. The company has now completed its first product: the Smart Cylinder Lock. In order to actually bring the slot to the market, the company has started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter .

Bold Smart Cylinder Lock is a smart door lock

Bold’s new lock does away with old-fashioned keys. From now on, you don’t have to take out a whole bunch of keys before you can open your door. It’s the smartphone that does the job. As soon as the lock finds contact with your smartphone, the lock is automatically released from the lock. The same steps are followed when locking the door. The lock detects exactly when the smartphone is in turn, so that you can leave the house without any problems.

With the accompanying app you can also give other people access to unlock the lock. You can also indicate when they are allowed access. For example, you can set family to permanent access, give the cleaning lady access every Tuesday and give a guest access for a certain period of time. Up to a hundred people can be added via the app. In addition, Bold has not only made his door lock smart, but also given the cylinder lock a complete redesign to make it safer. The lock would now be unbreakable. If you also want to give people without a smartphone access to your house, you can do so with an extra remote control. The lock’s battery lasts for about three years and you will receive a notification as soon as it is almost empty. Enthusiasts can decide for themselves which doorknob they want to use with Bold.

Price and availability

They hope to be able to bring the smart lock to the market through a Kickstarter project. Almost 30,000 euros has now been raised. The target has been set at 120,000 euros. Enthusiasts who would like to purchase a lock can purchase a Kickstarter special. You have a lock for 149 euros. If you also want a remote control, you have to pay 39 euros more. The expected delivery time is March 2017.

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