Bohne audio output boards for Trinnov preamplifiers

Bohne audio output boards for Trinnov preamplifiers

Bohne Audio from Engelskirchen not only manufactures uncompromising active loudspeakers, they are also working on optimizing feeders – such as the preamplifiers and home cinema processors from Trinnov. Now there is a new output board for the Trinnov ST-2 HiFi, Amethyst and the Altitude 16 and 32 home theater receivers.

Output board from Bohne Audio with Lundahl transformers

It is an output board that – according to chief developer Jörg Bohne – seeks to refine the sound of Trinnov’s leading devices in terms of processing and room correction. The board is equipped with four transformers from the traditional manufacturer Lundahl. The peripheral electronics integrate seamlessly into the Trinnov environment, Bohne continues. In terms of sound, the new board should result in a particularly audiophile, musical, supple sound that is nevertheless always dynamic.

Bohne Audio consistently uses active technology for its own loudspeakers

The output board is available for new devices as well as existing amplifiers and processors. The Trinnov Altitude 16 or 32 home theater receivers can be equipped with either the first four (one board) or the first eight channels (two boards). The prices are 2,990 euros for the four-channel board and 3,990 euros for the eight-channel boards; The price includes professional installation and a two-year guarantee.

PS: Stay tuned – soon a test of the Bohne Audio BB-10 L speakers will be published by fairaudio …